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Summer Tent Sale! Save Upto 60% Off On Sale Items

Summer Tent Sale! Save Upto 60% Off On Sale Items
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    The Holiday Head Start! Enjoy Upto 30% Off On All Dining & Entertaining Collections

    The Holiday Head Start! Enjoy Upto 30% Off On All Dining & Entertaining Collections

    The Holiday Head Start! Enjoy Upto 30% Off On All Dining & Entertaining Collections
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $2

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    Shop Lightning & Decors Accessories Starting As Low As $168

    Shop Lightning & Decors Accessories Starting As Low As $168
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    Signup & Get 15% Off Your First Order

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  • Having spent so much time inside, summertime signals that it’s not just time for a new wardrobe but it’s also the ideal season for a house renovation! Don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Serena and Lily will help you with their assortment of cheerful and cozy furniture and home accessories. This company’s collection of modest, beach style designs are sure to enhance your house, from shower mats to light fixtures.

    The company has garnered lots of attention for its extensive assortment of furniture and accessories, including in magazines like Vogue, Business Insider, and Home Beautiful, and having a 1M-strong Instagram following.

    But can the reality measure up to the image? To help you make a decision, we’ll delve deeply into every aspect of the brand in our review.

    Serena Dugan, an independent textile designer and decorative painter, didn’t anticipate it would lead to a commercial collaboration when she left her portfolio at Lily Kanter’s store in 2003. Within two hours of their first encounter, the two ladies had decided to start a baby line, and within six months, 600 outlets were carrying their goods.

    The business swiftly grew from its Sausalito, California, headquarters to produce baby bedding, children’s bedding, adult bedding, furniture, and decorative accessories. The company switched from wholesaling to direct sales to customers in 2013, which helped it achieve a whole new level of success.

    As a result of its high-profile celebrity affiliations, such as creating the nursery for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s children, it now has its own dedicated storefronts around the nation and is receiving plenty of media coverage. One of the top home décor stores in the nation, Serena and Lily, is well known & recognized.

    Before we begin our survey of some of the company’s best-selling products, first I’ll walk you through the brand’s biggest highlights…


    1. Wide selection of furniture for outdoor spaces, living and dining spaces, baths, and bedrooms.
    2. A similar wide range of home décor items is available, such as carpets, lights, paintings, cushions, and blankets.
    3. All bedding comes with free shipping and returns.
    4. Affirm offers installment payment arrangements.
    5. Ships to Canada and all 50 US states.
    6. Free design assistance is offered.
    7. Online and physical stores.

    This brand‘s collection includes so many gems, from their bar stools to pillows, beds, bookcases, dinner tables, and more. We’ll concentrate on a few of the business’s significant bestsellers in this review to save you some time and help you get a sense of their unique aesthetic.

    I frequently want to paint my walls, but it’s such a hassle. The easy fix!  Lily and Serena wallpaper. You may dispense with the coveralls and drop sheets, however it does need to be pasted up. Furthermore, it would take a lot of time to create such lovely artwork, not to mention the expertise needed to paint by hand.

    In this article, we’ll provide you information on two of their best-selling wallpaper designs.

    The Martinique Wallpaper can be the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a more conventional but yet eye-catching pattern. This has a soft, blue-tinted beauty in its coastal/white colour that would be much more dramatic with one of their lighting options. The natural/white alternative with earth tones is not my style, but I believe it would look great in other places.

    97% paper and 3% yarn make up this wallpaper, but here is the bit I really like: Every panel will be a little different because every paper weave naturally varies. The brand cautions against using it in bathrooms or any other space with heavy moisture or humidity and recommended expert installation. Be aware that the paper weave method significantly raises the price; the Martinique Wallpaper costs a steep $348.

    Are you trying to give your space a modest yet stunning look? Both you and your walls will appreciate the unique Priano Wallpaper. This wallpaper’s delicate vine motif will add a touch of chill and coziness to any space, and I adore how it doesn’t seem overpowering.

    The Priano is available in five unique and colours – green, mink, dusty pink, navy, and sky blue. The latter, in my opinion, truly highlights the vine design! You may attempt to paste this up yourself, however the manufacturer advises that you engage a professional installation due to the size of each roll (27″ wide x 27′ long). For $128, you may decorate your home with the Priano Wallpaper.

    Is Their Wallpaper Prepasted?

    In order to provide you more control over the paper, Serena and Lily wallpaper is normally pre-cut but unpasted. I’ll mention it once more, the company highly advises expert installation for all of their wallpaper.

    The brand started with bedding, and I still believe that this is its standout item. I’ll highlight two of their most well-known designs now…

    Don’t like tassels, then you might like the Positano Linen Duvet Cover. This 100% sustainable European linen duvet, which has no patterns but a wide range of colors to pick from, will keep you toasty as it’s freezing outside and cool when other duvets would make you feel like you were sleeping in an oven.

    Its eight distinct, California-inspired tones, sky, ocean, vintage indigo, French blue, eucalyptus, lavender, wild rose, and terracotta have everyone completely swooning. This bedding would be ideal if you opt to complement your home with a coffee table from Serena and Lily or other furniture: I believe the minimalist, simplistic style goes great with every house decor. The following sizes are offered for the Positano Linen Duvet Cover…

    Twin — $278

    Full/Queen — $328

    King/Cal King — $378

    The Brookside Duvet Cover may be what you’re searching for if you want a traditional bedding pattern with a modern touch. This duvet completes its elegantly straightforward design with tassels for some added flare. It is made of crisp white fabric with either sky-blue or flax-brown embroidery around the border. I just adore how this duvet cover seems.

    The Brookside is light, warm, and gorgeous since it is made entirely of eco-friendly materials, and because each item is hand embroidered, no two are same. Are you concerned that the tassels may come off in the wash? Be not afraid—they are fortified! This tiny amount of knowledge means a lot to me because I’m familiar with the problems caused by lost tassels.

    Your bed will be perfect when you add some Serena and Lily pillows to this duvet. They’re available in three sizes and pricing ranges…

    Twin — $358

    Full/Queen — $428

    King/Cal King — $498

    You had to know that Serena and Lily carpets would be included given the company’s absurdly wide assortment of items, right? Let’s examine two of the brand’s best-selling rugs in this review…

    I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the Mirabelle Rug if you’re looking for a statement item to place underneath chair or furniture. This stunning rug features an exquisite dot pattern that is completely unheard of in any rug warehouse and is hand-made with 100% New Zealand wool.

    Both a deep blue indigo with a contrasting ivory design and an off white ivory with a faded brown pewter pattern are available in the Mirabelle Rug. Both, in my opinion, give any place depth and allure. Following are the sizes and costs…

    2.6’ x 10’—$698

    6’ x 9’—$1,498

    8’ x 10’—$1,898

    9’ x 12’—$2,498

    11’ x 14’—$3,298

    12’ x 18’—$4,798

    Searching for a gorgeous, fluffy rug? The stunning Amelia Hand-Knotted Rug combines various blue colours into a unique design that mimics a rolling field sprinkled with daisies. My favorite feature is, because each rug is handmade, the design may vary slightly from rug to rug, giving your house a lovely handcrafted feel.

    The Amelia rug is smooth, velvety, and elegant since it is made of 97% wool, but that quality comes at a price because it is rather pricey! The several size options, along with the associated pricing ranges are…

    3.5’ x 9’—$1,798

    6’ x 9’—$2,298

    8’ x 10’—$2,998

    9’ x 12’—$3,998

    11’ x 14’—$5,998

    12’ x 18’—$7,698

    Which Style Defines Serena and Lily?

    The style of Serena and Lily is described as Californian coastal. I’d say it’s ideal for situations that are relaxed yet appealing and well-designed, or what the brand refers to as “put together yet livable.” With bright and light tones that complement the season’s theme of blue sky and white sands, the beach stripe is now quite fashionable during the summer.

    Do They Have A Physical Store?

    Yes, they do, and there are plenty of them, I’m delighted to report. There are specific pages for each of the brand’s US locations, from California to New York, on their website. For now there are just two Serena and Lily outlets, both in California, in Berkeley and Vacaville.

    Who Is Serena and Lily Designed For?

    While Serena and Lily originally offered only bedding, it has since grown to provide a full selection of accessories and furniture for the house and garden. This company provides everything you’ll need, whether you want to spruce up your living room or put up a welcoming patio area.

    The core belief of the company is to transform your house into a welcoming area, not a showcase, as I mentioned before in this article. The company’s founding principle is that “your home should be a welcoming oasis, your go-to location to unwind, socialize, and have a fulfilling life”.

    Serena & Lily vs. One Kings Lane — Comparison

    For this section of the evaluation, I compared this brand to One Kings Lane, a similar online furniture store, to have a better understanding of what this company is all about. There are several distinctions between the two brands despite the fact that they both sell a selection of furniture and home items at comparable prices and both provide design consultations.

    First off, OKL offers collections from companies like Regina Andrew, Community, and Ralph Lauren Home in addition to its own goods. Additionally, unlike Serena and Lily, OKL only offers restricted delivery alternatives to Alaska and Hawaii.

    The brands’ distinctive looks are what matters most. Serena & Lily seeks to give your house a relaxed beach vibe, whilst OKL offers a more traditionally ornate vibe. Therefore, Serena and Lily is undoubtedly the way to go if you like the casual appearance.

    Interested in finding out more about One Kings Lane? If you want to know how they compare, read our comprehensive One Kings Lane Furniture Review.

    Customer Reviews

    For my Serena and Lily review, I read through a variety of articles and review sites, and I discovered that the company is well-liked by many people. They frequently receive appreciation, and it is simple to understand why based on their designs.

    With only 7 customers, Serena and Lily have received an average TrustPilot rating of 3.2/5 stars. That’s not really enough to give me a complete picture of the brand, but as I frequently say, sometimes there’s good news in a lack of information. TrustPilot is frequently used as a platform for complaints, therefore I’ll take this as a positive indicator.

    One client stated on SiteJabber that the company has…

    “Beautiful products and very easy ordering. I have ordered a lot for my new house and this is one of the companies that is actually reliable/ships on time. Would definitely order from Serena and Lily again!”

    Another TrustPilot reviewer also expresses that opinion, but in a less gushing way…

    “Good quality and really nicely curated items.”

    In order to provide you with as much information about Serena and Lily as possible, it is only logical that I also consider the bad aspects of customer reviews. Although this company has received a lot of positive feedback elsewhere, they only have a pitiful rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars out of 60 reviews on SiteJabber. But once more, compared to the vast number of consumers this brand attracts that is a rather modest amount.

    So what exactly were the complaints? Most of them involve problems with customer service. And because this seems to be a recurring theme in the poor reviews, I consulted the Better Business Bureau to find out more. And the brand has a comparable low rating of 1.31/5 stars based on 31 customer reviews, yet the BBB nevertheless gives it a “A+” grade since the business frequently addresses consumer issues.

    In the end, it appears that while Serena and Lily’s customer service over the phone and online is lacking, the business does offer good customer service when you visit in person. If you’re hesitant to purchase online, I strongly advise visiting one of their numerous US shops, if you can.

    Is Serena and Lily Worth Your Time?

    I don’t blame you if you’ve completely fallen for anything Serena and Lily have to offer, I understand. Having said that, I can’t overlook how expensive certain things are. Therefore, you must consider them an investment.

    Given the excellent quality of the brand’s products, you would require expert cleaning and/or installation help, which really drives up the expenses. Additionally, both the product and delivery charges are rather pricey. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile investments!

    I really think that everyone deserves the things that make them happy, and if a handmade rug makes you happy every day, then to me, it’s worth buying.

    It makes logical that Serena and Lily items are expensive. Since they are of high quality and are expertly crafted, you will essentially get what you paid for. In light of all I’ve mentioned in this review, I still believe the brand is worthwhile, assuming you can afford the price. If you’re unable to, choose payment installments with confirm.

    Although there isn’t currently a Serena and Lily discount or promo code available, you may get 15% off your first order by subscribing to the company’s e-newsletter. Additionally, this will enable you to receive a discount on your birthday. And a dining event with discounted prices on all dining, outdoor dining, and lighting goods is currently ongoing at the time of writing this review.

    Where to Buy From

    Previously a wholesaler, Serena and Lily now sells directly to customers through its brick-and-mortar locations or online at In addition to outlets in California, there are 16 additional in-store locations spread around the US. If you’re nearby and would like to buy for less, I highly suggest stopping into one.


    Their shipping policy?

    Serena & Lily offers a variety of delivery choices, and the cost of shipping is determined by the volume of your order. For instance, it will ship for free if your order is under $6, which is unlikely.

    The cost of shipping often falls between…

    From $10 to $229 for regular delivery

    And $25 to $330 for second-day delivery

    Shipment costs for orders exceeding $4,000 are 6% for normal shipping and 10% for second-day delivery.

    Based on the service, shipping timeframes might vary, but generally speaking, standard delivery would take 2-4 weeks if the requested products were out of stock and 7 to 10 business days if they were. Alaska and Hawaii have different shipping costs and delivery times.

    The only country outside of the United States that the company ships to is Canada. If you place an order for a small item, FedEx International will send it, and there will be a 15% shipping and handling charge. Typically, delivery takes three weeks.

    Larger shipments will be delivered via White Glove Delivery, and there will be additional charges of 15% for transportation and handling, 20% for brokerage, and additional import taxes and customs. Delivery takes place in 6 weeks for ordinary products and 16 weeks for special items.

    Their return policy?

    Within 30 days after receiving your order, you may normally get a refund. Don’t simply mail your things in, though! To obtain a return authorization, you must first speak with customer service or your nearby Serena & Lily design store.

    Within 60 days, mattresses and bedding can be returned for a complete refund. Gift vouchers, fabric samples, fabric yardage, unwrapped wallpaper, wallpaper swatches, art pieces, nursery cribs, and hanging or lighting fixtures that have been installed are all non-refundable. Additionally, custom orders are not eligible for cancellation or refunds.

    While design shops cannot now accept physical product returns, you can send products back. The cost of the service varies, and it will be deducted straight from your refund…

    15% return shipping cost applies to White Glove, Room of Choice, and Doorstep products.

    Except for bedding, FedEx charges a $15 delivery fee for returns.

    Who owns Serena and Lily?

    Lily Kanter and Serena Dugan created the business. But, In order to start her own clothing and wallpaper brand, Serena left the firm in 2019.

    Where are Serena and Lily products made?

    Other items from the company are imported, while some are created in the US. The Mirabelle Rug, for instance, is made by hand in India.

    Where are Serena and Lily products made?

    The brand’s customer service department may be reached by phone at 1-866-597-2742 or by email at

    Customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 5:30pm PST, and Saturday, 8:00am to 1:00pm PST.

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