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ManoMano is an online store with a focus on DIY and gardening supplies, although it also sells other goods and services. ManoMano isn’t your typical online shopping site, though, as this DIY marketplace connects users with e-merchants, allowing them to select from a wide range of brands when purchasing home repair items.

One only needs to visit the website and begin exploring the different product categories at the best rates to begin the smooth ManoMano buying experience. Even without making an account, customers may still make an order by simply providing their email address to receive a confirmation email and to monitor their transaction.

Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson came up with the breakthrough concept to improve and modernize the selling of hardware, garden, DIY, and pet supplies in 2013. The rest, as they say, is history. ManoMano is the industry leader in Europe, with over 10 million items and over 60 million monthly visits.

Continue reading to understand the advantages and disadvantages of selling through this marketplace, how to sell on ManoMano, what features it provides, and more if your things fall into any of ManoMano’s categories.

Benefits Of ManoMano

Selling on ManoMano might be quite advantageous for you because it provides…

A European Market

The countries where ManoMano is active include the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Traffic Segmentation

2 million people visit this vertical marketplace every day. Due to ManoMano’s algorithm, its clients have a strong intent to buy and may wind up in your product catalog.

ManoMano Delivery

Through a collaboration with OneStock, this shipping and fulfillment service is presently accessible in the UK.

Assistance & Suggestions

With their assistance, grow your internet business.

ManoMano Pro Membership Is Free

This professional account offers exclusive discounts on Pro Products, better Pro Product prices, more practical shipping and delivery choices, and phone, email, and chat assistance.

DrawBacks Of ManoMano

Selling on ManoMano has a few drawbacks as well…


More than 3,600 merchants and over 300 brands will also be using the venue.

It cannot be altered

ManoMano doesn’t permit you to modify and update your selling area, much like other markets.

No International Delivery

Sellers are not permitted to ship to specific locations on the marketplace, including overseas destinations.

ManoMano offers a wide range of goods from independent sellers that are nicely categorized. We’ll examine the most popular ManoMano categories in the sections below and explain what you may anticipate seeing there…

The ‘Tools’ category is extremely important since, as we previously stated, ManoMano is regarded as a DIY marketplace. And when we looked at this department for our ManoMano review, we weren’t let down. It provides both hand and power tools, as well as specialized equipment and some larger pieces of gear. Additionally, you may get automotive accessories in this category, including interior and spare components.

The ‘Garden & Outdoor’ category is a client favorite, which ManoMano reviews from UK customers support. Users may browse for plants and flowers as well as garden furniture, swimming pools, various garden structures, BBQs, and other outdoor cooking gadgets in this area. You can be confident that ManoMano Garden and Outside has all you need for your outdoor area because there is much more to this category than can be listed in full.

Every room in the house, including the dining room, living room, hallway, and nursery, is furnished under the “Home and Living” category. You might also purchase mattresses, soft furnishings, and home decor.

The “Home and Living” category is stocked with furniture for every room in the house, including the dining room, living room, hallway, and nursery. Additionally, you may get home decor, soft furnishings, and beds.

ManoMano is aware that lighting is a crucial component of any house. There are several interior and outdoor lighting fixtures, numerous varieties of lightbulbs, and even portable lights like lanterns and head torches on the platform.

The ‘Heating and Plumbing’ department, where you can purchase plumbing supplies as well as electric heaters and radiators, boilers, stoves, and fireplaces, is praised by several ManoMano UK reviews for being helpful.

The “Flooring” category is mentioned in reviews of ManoMano as another helpful feature for anyone who wishes to DIY a significant amount of their home. A good assortment of carpets and rugs are available in addition to tiles, concrete, wood, and laminate flooring.

There are different security and home automation systems, essentials for circuit protection, cables, switches, and sockets, as well as other electrical devices, listed under the category “Electrical.” Therefore, if you wish to do your own electrical installation, ManoMano has everything you need.

The installation is one of the crucial issues you must ask while looking at a property, though, so if you’re purchasing one, you should do so.

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? No issue! In our examination of ManoMano’s “Kitchen” area, we found that you can get anything you want for kitchen remodeling, including cabinets, sinks, faucets, or even an entire fitted kitchen, as well as a variety of accessories including cookware, bins, carpets, and even cleaning supplies.

The “Animal care” category is equally as well-stocked as the others, although being frequently disregarded. You can discover whatever a pet would require if you own one. There are many of pictures of cats and dogs, so you may buy food for them as well as clothes, accessories, and toys. You may buy beekeeping materials, agricultural supplies, fish tanks, bird cages, and more!

The “Electrical Equipment” category of ManoMano has ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other sizable electrical appliances for sale. But there are also tiny appliances, so if you also need a toaster or coffee maker, you may get it here.

You may get a variety of hardware at ManoMano, including screws, nails, and several more fasteners for furniture, doors, windows, locks, and other security features. Outdoor hardware and replacement components for different appliances are also available.

ManoMano evaluations provide a lot of attention to goods marketed under the heading “Construction and Building.” Concrete, wood, bricks, roofing and guttering products, workwear, and a wide variety of other building supplies are all available here. If you want to put money aside for a house, think about completing the most of the repairs yourself so you may invest all of it in purchasing the property and conducting the repairs yourself.

The ‘Paint and Cleaners’ department is the last product category at ManoMano. The items in this area, as the name would imply, include various kinds of indoor and outdoor paint, painting equipment, wallpaper, molding, and cleaning materials and methods. ManoMano provides everything you need to paint your home, apartment, or condo on your own if it has been a while.

ManoMano’s Ease of Use

Numerous evaluations of ManoMano give the website’s interface high marks for both usability and design. As you are already aware, everything is logically arranged into categories that are easy to switch between. And if you know precisely what you need, you may put the name of the item into the search field to go right there!

Additionally, there is a ManoMano blog where DIY professionals provide advice and recommendations on how to finish DIY projects.

Additionally, placing an order is quite easy, and payments are safe. After providing your information (name, email, and delivery address), you may select from one of four payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or Klarna.

ManoMano’s Delivery & Shipping Policy

You might be interested in knowing where ManoMano is headquartered in the UK and where it ships from when it comes to delivery. You might be shocked to hear that ManoMano is based in France and has a second facility in Barcelona, Spain, rather than the UK. The majority of orders are sent from a logistics facility in Tarragona.

Customers can select between two delivery options, home or express. And ManoMano offers delivery to the majority of UK regions. Express delivery fees are greater, and fees may also be higher if you order a large number of products or a bigger order.

Customer Feedback

You now know who ManoMano is and what they sell, so it only makes sense to question what other people think of them. We discovered the majority of internet consumer evaluations are favorable after looking through numerous of them. Customers particularly applaud the affordable rates, the simplicity of buying, the regular sales and promotions, and the top-notch customer service. There have been some concerns regarding the lengthy delivery times, but ManoMano makes sure to promptly resolve them.

Are The Genuine?

Over the past nine years, ManoMano has expanded its operations to serve a number of European nations while continuing to run smoothly.

ManoMano is a reputable online marketplace providing everything you could need or desire for your house. It is dependable and responsive and prioritizes customer service. Visit ManoMano when you’re in need, you won’t be sorry!

What Is the Cost of Selling on ManoMano?

On ManoMano, selling is completely free. Each merchant’s commission is discussed separately by ManoMano.

How Do You Sell on ManoMano?

You must first complete a brief form in order to sell on ManoMano. You can start publishing your items as soon as the platform grants your request.

You’ll get the order to prepare the cargo when a consumer makes a purchase. You will receive all the essential information from ManoMano.

Anyone without technical experience may commercialize their items thanks to ManoMano’s platform’s ease of use.

In addition, because the platform is so basic, there aren’t many marketing tools or data to monitor your business and help it grow. You’ll just have to take ManoMano’s advice at face value.

How Does ManoMano's Fulfillment Work Out?

It’s not difficult to process and dispatch your ManoMano orders. Unless you decide to employ ManoMano Fulfillment, all procedures will be your responsibility.

In any event, providing a variety of shipping options, couriers, and prices is essential to provide your consumers the best possible shopping experience. Customers are typically responsible for paying the delivery charges. However, you can alternatively provide free shipment. Here, the expense is covered by the vendor.

Thanks to Bingo, a delivery service provided by ManoMano, customers who purchase items with standard weights and dimensions (under 40kg and 240m total; each dimension must be under 1.20m) can select between pickup locations and in-home deliveries. For a different fee, they may also offer “on-street” delivery.

ManoMano’s Accepted Forms of Payment

PayPal, bank transfers, and credit and debit card payments are the three payment methods that ManoMano accepts.

Link Your ManoMano Account to Other Platforms

To increase the amount of traffic and purchases you generate on ManoMano, you may post your ManoMano items on your social media pages, other websites, and your online store.

Final Verdict

Check out additional details on other markets like Amazon, eBay, or other platforms like Shopify if what ManoMano has to provide is insufficient for you.

Remember that you may link your ManoMano account to Outvio, create an account by filling out a short form, and begin utilizing our post-checkout platform in about 10 minutes.