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The world would be somewhat boring if it were just made up of places like Walmart, McDonald’s, and Rexall. While there is much to be said about familiarity, a small business’s heart and soul are incomparable to those of these huge enterprises.

However, it can be difficult for these independent creator owned businesses to get the funding they need, and even you can experience similar financial difficulties.

That’s where Fast Capital 360 can lend a helping hand, a business that could be able to solve all of your financial issues. They are a little company that provides loans to others with incredibly short turnaround times.

Fast Capital 360 has been trusted by over 35k+ companies, garnering them raving reviews on many consumer review websites.

They also have over 2,000 Facebook likes and close to 600 Instagram followers. Although figures might be modest, but strength sometimes comes in tiny packaging.


I’ll give you an in depth review by going through the company’s founding values, commitment to helping small companies, various plans, fees, and requirements to be eligible for their programs, interest rates, feedback from customers, and more.


In 2013 Barbara Weidner co-founded, Fast Capital 360 in Pennsylvania as a startup that could support other startups. According to the company’s website, cash is necessary for businesses to succeed. Regardless of what you are offering, capital is necessary.

Due to the fact that big corporations take all the money, it is even more crucial for small firms. It might be challenging for the little guys to get an advantage and provide consumers the individualized, modest, and human items that bigger businesses frequently don’t create. Fast Capital 360 can help with that.

They aspire to empower individuals and small enterprises by assisting them in obtaining the financing they require. They not only help consumers and lenders make financial loans, but they also offer counsel and advise in the form of blog entries for people who aren’t sure which loan is best suited for them specifically.

Small enterprises with innovative ideas that are supported by caring people are all too frequently destroyed or forced to retire early due to a lack of funding. Both the company and its owners are not to blame for this.

Fast Capital 360 is a very alluring business because of this. They not only primarily serve small businesses, but they may also provide clients loans in only a few days with quick approvals. This may be quite important in assisting businesses in getting their ideas off the ground and onto the manufacturing stage.


  1. Starting interest rates are 6.75 percent.
  2. Accessible throughout all 50 states.
  3. Quick application and funding delivery.
  4. Freedom to pick from a variety of lenders.
  5. A variety of financing options for both individuals and small enterprises.
  6. Customers may use an online guide to assist them choose the best plan for themselves.

Fast Capital 360 Loans

I’ll go over everything you need to know to secure the funding you need to support your aspirations. After answering a brief questionnaire, you may access the company’s quick loans.

The test asks you questions about both your company and yourself. This questionnaire is intended to assist you in choosing the best loan alternatives from those offered by Fast Capital 360. You can obtain loans in as little as 24 business hours.

Different Types of Loans Offered by Fast Capital 360

The main loan categories that Fast Capital 360 offers for short-term loans are…

  1. Short-term loans
  2. Merchant cash advances
  3. Business lines of credit
  4. Invoice factoring

And here are all of their longer-term financing plans…

  1. SBA loans
  2. Business term loans
  3. Equipment financing

How Does Fast Capital 360 Work

You’re all set once you’ve answered the Fast Capital 360 questionnaire, determined which loan plan is ideal for you, and selected it based on your requirements and qualifications.

Loan interest rates typically begin around 6.75 percent, however they can clearly change based on the type and length of the loan. They provide firms with loans that can reach up to $500k or more.

The specifics of the repayment procedure are determined by your plan and whether you choose a short-term or long-term plan, first and foremost.

You can get a loan for the short term starting at 10% interest, for up to $500,000. You should get these funds in 24 hours, and you’ll have three to eighteen months to pay them back.

Up to $250k can be taken with the help of medium-term plans, with a 7 percent interest rate as a starting point. Although it’ll take more than a day for you to receive the capital, you have considerably more time to return it. It can be paid back over a period of 1 to 5 years.

Long-term plans can offer up to $350,000, with an interest rate of 6.75 percent as a starting point. The funding process takes 7 days, and the payback period might last up to 10 years.

Features of Fast Capital 360

A few unique elements make Fast Capital 360 different from other lending services of a similar nature. First of all, the application and funding processes are carried out really quickly.

In the time it takes to microwave a leftover pizza, you could finish one of their questionnaires. I’m claiming that finding a solid Fast Capital 360 loan strategy just requires a short amount of time.

They deliver loans almost as quickly as Door Dash. While some plans receive their loans the same day they apply, others may need seven days.

Fast Capital 360 doesn’t force customers into a single choice either. Customers may choose who they want to get the loan from in addition to choosing any of the various programs Fast Capital 360 offers.

Customers should feel confident in their decisions since they themselves can choose lenders based on their trustworthiness and reputation.

Requirements for Fast Capital 360

Different requirements apply to different Fast Capital 360 loan types. I’ve listed them all in the order they are presented on the service’s website…

Business line of credit Over 1 year in business, over $200k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 560.

Commercial mortgage Over 1 year in business, over $75k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 540.

Equipment loan Over 2 years in business, over $160k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 620.

Business term loan Over 1 year in business, over $200k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 600.

Invoice financing Over 1 year in business, over $150k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 600.

Merchant cash advance Over 4 months in business, over $100k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 500.

SBA Loan Over 2 years in business, over $50k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 650.

Short Term Business Loan Over 1 year in business, over $75k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 540.


Because they differ so greatly throughout the loan options, I won’t go into certain additional conditions that are more particular to each loan option. To provide a fair comparison between each of the ideas, I’ve merely provided the most general criteria.

How Much Does It Cost

The fact is that not all Fast Capital 360 plans are priced equally. Since I am unsure of the amount of capital you are looking to obtain from your loan, I am unable to provide you with a simple response. I can provide the starting interest rates for each form of loan in the following ascending order…

  1. SBA and commercial loans – 6.75%
  2. Business term and working capital loans – 7%
  3. Equipment financing and business line of credit loans – 8%
  4. Short term loans – 10%

Who Is It Exactly For

Unsurprisingly, Fast Capital 360 is for owners of small businesses. They don’t restrict their outreach to certain subsets of small businesses, although that is their primary objective.

You’ll probably be happy with what Fast Capital 360 can provide you, whether you require a loan for growing, buying equipment, or maintaining ongoing operations.

What Do Customers Think

I’ve looked at Fast Capital’s 360 review ratings from all around the internet and added those numbers together to better show the high caliber service that this business offers.

The average Fast Capital 360 evaluations from actual clients are as follows…

  1. TrustPilot – 4.9/5 stars from over 800 ratings
  2. Google Reviews – 4.4/5 stars from over 80 ratings
  • Better Business Burea – 3.6/5 stars from 3 ratings
  1. Yelp – 5/5 stars from 1 rating


Fast Capital 360’s services were so prompt and effective that many clients ended up using them repeatedly. People indicated that they had enough faith in the company to keep returning each time they required a loan.

It is important to note what made the service so outstanding since this close customer-company relationship is always an indication of dependable service. Numerous clients claimed that Fast Capital 360 spent the time to explain all of their alternatives to them and choose which loan would best meet their needs.

According to a Fast Capital 360 review with a rating of 5/5, “Jeff Lesko was a great facilitator! He navigated us through the process, paperwork, and everything else that needed to be provided. Thank you so much.

People praised Fast Capital 360 for its ability to deliver loans to them swiftly. People reportedly received the required capital within hours after applying. Although that wasn’t the case for every client, it needed to be brought up because it appeared in so many of their customer reviews.

Because of their consistency, one customer gave them a 5-star rating for this quality on TrustPilot.

Fast Capital 360 attracted a lot of small company owners due of its constancy, particularly after the epidemic. The firm was able to assist customers in saving their companies when they most needed it, as this following customer evaluation demonstrates…

“I needed some fast funding due to the damage the corona virus [sic] did to my business. Fast Capital was able to get funds to me within 24 hours. The interest rates are extremely high, but in an emergency, the funds provided me with some short term relief.”

Some consumers believed that the interest rates were significantly greater than those provided by competing businesses. The fact that consumers obtained their loans quickly must be taken into account, though.

The best compliments for Fast Capital 360, however, were reserved for their exceptional customer service, their lightning-fast application and delivery procedures, and their dependability.

Can you trust Fast Capital 360?

Even though I did highlight the high interest rates, Fast Capital 360 does not mislead its clients about them. This information is readily available on their website, so it’s not like these costs will appear out of nowhere.

In reality, I was unable to locate any evidence of clients being surprised by unforeseen or unannounced expenses. Having said that, I am convinced that Fast Capital 360 is a trustworthy business.

Is Fast Capital 360 Worth It?

The truth of the matter is that small businesses have a difficult time succeeding right away, and it looks like it won’t get better anytime soon. Smaller businesses are being left with less resources while big firms continue to dig deeper into politicians’ pockets to acquire more financing.

For this reason, I believe Fast Capital 360 is a good option if you require a loan extremely quickly the right way. They established themselves on the idea of standing up for the underdog, and it shows in their remarkable policies and unrivalled customer service.


Who Is It Owned By?

Barbara Weidner is the current CEO of Fast Capital 360, and its cofounder.

Minimum Credit Score Requirement?

This information is already discussed above.

How Quickly Dows It Approve Business Loans?

Your request for a business loan might be approved as quickly as in less than 24. Although it’s not always the case, certain company loans could take up to 36 hours to be approved and receive the funds.

It’s Privacy Policy?

I observed that the firm promises to keep your information private and only utilizes it to facilitate transactions between you and them.

How to Contact Them?

You may reach them by phone at 1-866-218-4667 or online using a form on their website.

On Mondays through Thursdays, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, and on Fridays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, their attendants are ready to chat with you.

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