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There is a shady and horrible past that your brand new shoes most likely have. They were created using environmentally harmful substances by unjustly treated labourers. It’s a difficult truth that I long ago discovered, but one that I’ve decided not to just forget and ignore.

Being a bit of a sneakerhead, I find it painful to realize that most companies that make them are essentially morally bankrupt. And so, I can no longer walk down the sidewalk with a conscience as spotless as I liked to keep my shoes. Nevertheless, Cariuma appeared just as I was about to give up my favourite item.

A firm called Cariuma makes ecologically friendly sneakers for both men and women. Its relaxed well-made selection, which was inspired by skate culture, is big on comfort and bursting with values I can genuinely support.

And it would appear that others do as well. And judging by the fact that this brand had a wait list of over 34k individuals before releasing their OCA design. Along with its 200k+ Instagram followers alone, its feature in publications like Vogue and Forbes also give some indication of its popularity.

If you wish to learn more? I’ll outline all the company has to offer in my evaluation of Cariuma shoes.


Cariuma shoes fall somewhere on the aesthetic spectrum between minimalist, useful & stylish. Depending on your preferred appearance, they provide a really amazing selection of both low-priced and high-end sneakers.

As I researched more about CARIUMA, I discovered that the company’s basic values center on producing products that are better for people and the environment. Because of this, they intentionally built their sneakers to be stylish, incredibly comfortable and well crafted.

The firm is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As suggested by their motto, “Born in Rio, raised internationally”. The name of the brand, is a simple translation of the Portuguese term for “pine needle”. All of this is consistent with the business’ propensity to wear its beliefs, core values and cultural heart on its sleeve.

I like that Cariuma has a lot of unwavering principles since they are something that the company definitely has in abundance. I could see that the business does almost everything it can to guarantee that its goods are manufactured and distributed in an ethical manner, from the sourcing of their resources, the reduction of their carbon impact, to the paying of their employees a fair wage and good living conditions.

Additionally, since 20% of the Brazilian rainforest’s forest has been lost, Cariuma has stated that for every pair of sneakers sold, two trees are planted there.

I gave some thought to their selection, and I believe that any of these Cariuma shoes would be suitable for both your and my daily activities. They resemble some of the most well-known canvas shoe brands and have a sharp skate shoe appearance, but they also have a distinctive edge that is all their own.

A cork footbed and rubber toe provide modest appeal, and the brand has design cues, like the green accents visible on various shoe components (such as the tongue and sole).

As much as I like to accessorize, I also recognize the expense of these beauties. The majority of the low-cut Cariuma sneakers sell for far under $100, and it would be difficult to locate a pair on the internet for more than $139. I consider it to be very outstanding in contrast to other skate shoe manufacturers that don’t have a conscience.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the company…


  1. Ethically crafted.
  2. Elegant and simple style.
  3. No need to break them in.
  4. Made from Sustainable components.
  5. Possesses a B Corporation certification.
  6. Transparency in their business conduct.
  7. For each pair purchased, two trees are planted.
  8. Affordable and useful for the majority of daily tasks.
  9. A great selection of fashionable sneakers for men and women.


  1. Their styles frequently reflect a niche of shoes that may not appeal to everyone.
  2. Nearly only accessible online.

How Cariuma Makes Their Sneakers

Organic cotton with the GOTS certification is used to make the canvas.

The Leather Working Group has awarded Cariuma’s tannery its Gold Rating.

Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand are the places from where the shoes’ leather is sourced.

Using moral tapping techniques, raw natural rubber is extracted from the hevea brasiliensis tree.

EVA outsoles made from sugarcane are a sustainable substitute for polymers derived from petroleum.

The company makes sure that none of its leather originates from regions where trees were cut down for cow ranching.

Their unique bamboo knit is produced with bamboo that has been harvested ethically and is taken from the stalk, rather than the plant’s base to preserve the health of the bamboo and the soil surrounding it.

OCA Lows

The OCA Lows are extremely adaptable footwear. I am aware since I often wear them. Along with being cozy and useful. Finding the right one was difficult choice, since they come in a huge variety of designs.

You may select from a variety of vibrant and traditional colours, as well as suede, canvas, leather, interesting patterns, and more as new models are consistently launched. They are really simple to wear and made with lightweight cushion technology. And they are some of the most comfy pair of sneakers I’ve ever tried. I’ve worn them on multiple hiking trips and 6 hour long marathons.

I can tell that these shoes were made with excellent design and craftsmanship because of their high quality. It appears that premium materials from natural sources do make a difference. (who knew, not their competitors that for sure)

OCA Low shoes, which start at about $79, were a wise purchase for me, and could be for you as well. Even the leather versions, which cost around $139 are fairly priced.

OCA Highs

The OCA Highs are quite similar to its low cut counterpart and offer all the advantages of the OCA Lows with the additional ankle support of a high top shoe. These sneakers add to the skate-style trend and look excellent with both Shorts and Denim.

With more than a few models to pick from, the highs’ style and material options are equally as diverse as the lows. It would be difficult, to not discover one at least one that you like. The OCA Highs are a terrific and economical addition to anyone’s shoe collection, starting at just $98.


Everything about the IBIs is fantastic. These knit shoes are created from recycled plastic and regenerative bamboo, making a powerful statement about the many uses of naturally occurring materials. Recycled plastic bottles are even used to make the shoelaces.

The fact that the sneakers look completely cool and come in a wide range of colours just makes me more pleased. I could not think of a more enjoyable shoe for daily usage, I can truly feel the design and materials in how light and comfy the shoes are. All of this comes with a fixed fee of $98.

IBI Slip On

The Cariuma IBI Slip-On may end up becoming your new go-to comfortable casual shoe, in my opinion. This pattern will be highly beloved among IBI Sneaker fans.

Similar to the IBI, these shoes include a sugarcane outsole, vegan cork insole, and sustainable bamboo weave. This lightweight shoe is made without laces, making it, so easy to get in and out of you know…

The IBI Slip-On promises to keep you cozy and very fashionable whether you’re hanging out with friends, shopping at the mall, or planning to be on your feet all day!

There are available in eight vibrant colours, including vivid yellow, green, and blue in addition to white, grey, and rose. Personally, I’m a huge fan of rose. The Cariuma IBI Slip-On is one of the more reasonably priced Cariuma styles, coming in at $98.


I loved how well these sneakers paid respect to its particular subcategory because I have a special love for the appearance and feel of a decent skate shoe.

The CATIBA Pro is the ideal modern sneaker, emulating the timeless elegance of, classics of the past with contrast stitching, gum soles, and an abundance of vivid colours.

It’s evident that a lot of love and attention went into making them, even if you’re not skating in them. However, if you do skate, you will value features like the grippy vulcanized outsole, triple stitched flick point, and a thin incredibly comfortable footbed.

Wide laces and intricate pattern elements make it clear that these were made with a lot of love and attention. Additionally, the logo is displayed on the side of the shoe, giving it a touch of the Rio flare.

According to CARIUMA, these skate shoes were made to be durable and have a longer lifespan than the typical sneaker.

The sturdy, well-structured shape of the sneakers is something I really loved, and I was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of colours offered.

The shoe is also inexpensive, with the majority of variants costing approximately $89 each. This sneaker is a terrific addition if you’re considering treating yourself.


I have to add that the high top variation of the CATIBA is quite consistent with its low top counterpart, similar to how the OCAs were.

The additional ankle support and price are the only main differences. It costs $119 for a pair of the CATIBA Pro Highs.


The US-based Corporation Pantone is well-known for its own Pantone Matching System colour space. In previous years, CARIUMA and Pantone have worked together to create some incredible limited edition shoes in certain Pantone colours.

In terms of the traditional shoe partnership, I thought this one was quite unique and intriguing. If you’re like that kind of novelty, it’s undoubtedly very cool.

In comparison to the prices other shoe companies ask for their sneaker collaborations, the Pantone sneakers cost between $89 and $98, which is a significant discount.

Catiba Pro

The ideal skate shoe is the Cariuma Catiba Pro! The comfort and durability of this low-top shoe are priorities in its design. Like other Cariuma shoes, I adore the utilization of vegan leather or suede and eco-friendly materials, as well as the recycled plastic laces.

The Cariuma Catiba Pro is a fantastic skate shoe. However, it also makes a fantastic daily shoe that looks terrific for exploring the city or just going out for a meal with friends.

Off-white, black, grey, and rose are just a few of the simple colours that are available for this design. There are additional versions in white and black with tan outsoles.

The Catiba Pro is not only wildly fashionable but also incredibly inexpensive, costing just $89 for the suede designs. However, the price of the vegan leather variant is $139.

Suede and vegan leather versions of the Berrics Catiba Pro cost $120 and $139, respectively. The Catiba Pro also comes in high-top style for $119 and is available in black, off-white, or black and white.

Customer’s Opinions

To get a fair and unbiased look, I looked for customer reviews both on and off the company website.

I saw that the OCA Low sneaker gets a rating of 4.89/5 from over 6000 customer evaluations of Cariuma shoes on the website. Cariuma was featured in US Magazine, which implies that they could be cozier than Allbirds and Rothys. In a similar vein, Men’s Journal called the Cariuma sneakers “their new favourite shoes” and complimented the eco-friendly design.

43 customers have given Cariuma a Trustpilot rating of 3.7/5. Numerous consumers praised how comfortable and well-fitting the Cariuma shoes are in their reviews. One in particular said:

Although it took quite some time for the Customer Service Team to respond to my initial emails, they were very helpful. The return was organized… A query as to why I was charged twice for taxes resulted in the amount being refunded. The shoes themselves are well made and good quality. Overall… there was good follow up and the shoes are worth it.

I discovered that Cariuma is an exceedingly well-known brand from everything I read. People adore this firm, and for good reason. From supporting professional skaters to launching new items. Even if it’s not always smooth sailing, it seems like Cariuma makes an attempt to address consumer concerns when given the chance.

Where to Buy Them


Cariuma shoes were only offered online when they were originally introduced. But you’ll be happy to learn, more recently that they are now sold at Selfridges, Farfetch, Berrics, Lane Crawford, and Level Shoes.


If just one nation can buy sustainable shoes, what good are they really? I was pleased to see that Cariuma offers international shipping to 49 countries for every shoe they sell.

Availability on Amazon

Unfortunately, Amazon does not carry their shoes. But given that doing so would surely invalidate their carbon-neutral shipping strategies, I believe it could be for the best.


I’ve discovered that this company mostly awards buyers by planting trees. That’s a benefit I definitely appreciate. By signing up for their newsletter, Cariuma will plant one tree in the Brazilian rainforest (in your name). If you purchase a pair of shoes, they’ll plant two.


Shipping Policy

You may anticipate to pay somewhere between $0 and $5 per shoe with DHL Express, depending on the nation and your selected delivery speed. Depending on where you are, most deliveries should be made between 2 to 10 business days.

Depending on where you are, Cariuma also works with FedEx as a carrier. In this instance, I’ve discovered that you may anticipate delivery in 3-5 business days.

Shipping Policy

Cariuma provides swaps for comparable items around the globe. This is helpful if you require a different size or decide you’d rather have a bold colour than a classic.

Return Policy

Within 60 days of purchase, returns and exchanges are acceptable, but you must make sure the sneakers are clearly unused, undamaged, and in their original packing. The way to return varies depending on where you are located.

Cariuma will reimburse you the original amount of the item but not any shipping or any taxes, as I’ve discovered to be the case with most other brands as well.

Contacting Cariuma

If you have more inquiries? Use the live chat feature on the company’s website or send an email to to get in touch with them.

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