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MZ Wallace bags have a sophisticated New York vibe, whether they are being worn to an East Village brunch or a Soho nightclub. This clothing store is home to hundreds of handbags, totes, backpacks & cross body bags that are made to be both practical and stylish. Additionally, the fact that they are totally sustainable does not harm.

It should not be surprising that MZ Wallace is a highly regarded fashion brand, given that Forbes magazine referred to it as a “powerful lifestyle brand.”

They have over 81.7k Instagram followers, some of whom can be well known stars like Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, and Lupita Nyong’o. They are also highlighted in a number of publications, such as Fashionista and The Today Show.

The brand is undoubtedly competitive with Prada, Celine, and Dior, but how do they compare in terms of internet reviews and product quality? Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of MZ Wallace’s business, goods, client feedback, promos, and more to help you determine if they’re worth checking out.


The prized carryon is seen as a neglected element of wardrobe planning. It’s the last item we put on before leaving the house and chances are it doesn’t go well with our outfit for the day. While others choose to forgo style in favor of usefulness, MZ Wallace simply argues, “Why not have both?”

MZ Wallace was established in 2000 by Monica Zwirnir and Lucy Wallace Eustice, and it had its public premiere in Soho, New York. The business has a single, straightforward objective: “Design that accomplishes more, so you can do more.”

Considering that this bag company is a culmination of the proprietors’ combined fashion knowledge, it has a lot going for it. Zwirnir, for instance, has vast experience working with brands like Gucci, BMW, and Lancôme. On the other side, Eustice was the previous director and editor of Harper’s Bazaar’s accessories section.


  1. There is a large assortment of designer bags available.
  2. They adopts certain sustainable measures.
  3. They participate in a number of charities, like GLSEN.
  4. They deliver goods internationally
  5. If you spend $150 or more, delivery is free.

Even though designer bags are pricey, they are a purchase that is undoubtedly worthwhile. A well-made tote or purse will last you for many years and this requires expert workmanship, high quality materials and creative design.

Thankfully, MZ Wallace is regarded as a front-runner in the sector for its collection of high-end carry-ons.

Customers may now pick from a variety of totes, backpacks, duffels, cross-bodies, belt bags, and wallets. The company also offers men’s clothing with a variety of patterns, shapes, and material textures.

It’s important to note that although all items are arranged by lifestyle, visitors may still browse specific categories. Travel, exercise, employment, and a new baby are all included.


I’ll give a brief overview and just highlight a handful of the company’s best-selling products to make it easier for the more fashion conscious individuals to compare…

MZ Wallace Crossbody

Nothing is more frustrating than having your bag strap slip off when you’re walking. The MZ Wallace Crossbody collection, which was created with extra security in mind, keeps your values close at hand to help avoid any slippage. These backpacks are definitely Instagrammable, aside from their usefulness.

Small Bowery Pocket Crossbody

The Small Bowery Pocket Crossbody adds a punch of color to help contrast any monochrome ensemble and is designed to appear incredibly elegant and sleek. Genuine Italian leather and environmentally friendly, lightweight nylon were used to create this gorgeous purse.


For an added touch of glitz, there is also a sparkly side pocket. This handbag has four storage compartments and is intended to be a hands-free alternative for people who carry a lot with them.

It is available with a braided strap and has gunmetal hardware on the exterior. If you’re seeking for stylistic advice, we advise choosing a dress, jacket, and shoes that are all cream in color. In this manner, the Small Bowery Pocket Crossbody Bag in red or black has space to shine.

Downtown Crosby

The Downtown Crosby bag is unquestionably present in Carole Baskin’s closet. This little bag has a gorgeous cheetah design with fur-like texture.

This crossbody is designed with six inside compartments and zipper accents for those extra moments. Three more straps are included as well, and they are composed of Italian leather, nylon, and gunmetal chain.

The Downtown Crosby bag should be worn with muted colors rather than another pattern due to its prominent print. We advise choosing the model’s outfit from the product image, which consists of a straightforward pair of grey pants and a well-tailored cream blouse. Be prepared, the suggested retail price for this crossbody bag is a whopping $325.

MZ Wallace Backpack

Owning a fashionable backpack, which is regarded as a need for the back to school season, will surely secure you a place at the popular kids’ table. Naturally, you may still wear them after you’ve graduated from primary school because they’re a terrific substitute for people who want to carry more.

This MZ Wallace review will highlight a few noteworthy rivals for trendsetters to peruse, from Rouge Lacquer quilts to cheetah print marvels.

Metro Backpack Deluxe

Due to its quilt like shape, the Metro Backpack Deluxe literally promotes sophistication and elegance. This carry shine on’s finish will attract some notice from onlookers.

It is designed with a handy laptop compartment and a baggage sleeve for enhanced functionality. Due to its spacious size, you can also fit additional valuables like your Hydro Flask and notebooks.

Whether it’s for school or the office, this MZ Wallace backpack is practically designed for subtle flexing. However, for individuals who prefer to dress more casually, we advise teaming the $275 Metro Backpack Deluxe with a look that consists of a t-shirt, jeans, and a beanie. Unfortunately, this bag is currently sold out, so you’ll have to wait till it is refilled.

Metro Convertible Backpack

The Metro Convertible Backpack is a well-regarded business bag that may bring out your inner Miranda Priestly. The gorgeous carry oversized on’s top handle allows it to be used as a tote bag as well.

The top is cinched in to provide a little flair, and it has the same quilt-like pattern as the deluxe version. Oh, and because it is made of black Italian leather, this handbag has a really exquisite design.

There are now 5 distinct models of the Metro Convertible Backpack, ranging from plain color to pattern. Whatever style you select, it is all available for $265.

MZ Wallace Tote

Did you know that tote bags are currently extremely popular in Korea? As we can see from the recent increase in tote centric ensembles, trends that are popular in Asia will inevitably spread to the Western hemisphere. This MZ Wallace Tote review will showcase several chic choices to help those who have joined the trend get started.

Black Large Metro Tote Deluxe

The Large Metro Tote Deluxe is undoubtedly reserved for individuals who lead lavish lifestyles since it is stylish, beautiful, and sophisticated. This stylish carry-on is generously sized, quilted with REC Oxford material, and finished with genuine Italian leather.

This purse has 4 compartments on the interior and outside that may each carry a different item. A zip-top closure is offered for increased security to assist stop anything from dropping.

Users may choose their favorite manner of carrying from the top handle or the adjustable nylon strap thanks to the set’s two straps. There are four solid colors and two possible finishes for the $285 Large Metro Tote Deluxe Black.

Who is MZ Wallace For?

The MZ Wallace purchasing experience is not intended for “click and grab” purchases. If anything, you should give it some serious thought before purchasing due to its exorbitant price. The quality and elegance of their handbags prove that this designer brand isn’t merely built on hype.

It’s a great business for anyone seeking for their go-to bag or purse, and best of all, they’re completely sustainable.

Customer Reviews

The collection of MZ Wallace is easy to fall in love with. It will literally takes all your willpower not to immediately click the checkout button when you see the red lacquer bags and star studded handbags. However, excitement is not a reliable indicator of actual client response.

Nothing is more disheartening than having your aspirations dashed, which is why our MZ Wallace review has combed the web to find out what consumers are saying about this company.

Despite the fact that there aren’t any reviews on the company’s official website, we did uncover several on Facebook, Yelp and Bloomingdale’s.

Facebook – 136 reviews with a rating of 3.6/5

Yelp – 46 reviews on Yelp for the company’s New York location, scoring 2.5/5.

Bloomingdale – 162 reviews having a rating of 4.7/5.

The majority of internet shoppers appeared to think MZ Wallace handbags were worth the expense. Due to the number of compartments and the number of adjustable straps, they are fashionable, lightweight, and practical. Of course, the customer reviews speak for themselves. For the Medium Metro Tote, a client of Bloomingdale’s wrote…

“These bags are built to last and I love their style and their toned down logo… I appreciate the bag, the style and the functionality all the while not being overly loud with its designer logo”.

Independent websites like Bon Traveler and others gave MZ Wallace bags positive reviews as well. As stated by the author…

“With quality materials, I love that I can travel with these MZ Wallace pieces with peace of mind that they can withstand the wear and tear of travel. Both functional and beautiful, the Cece and Sutton match perfectly together, making them a great duo”.

MZ Wallace appears to be leading with favorable ratings overall. However, the company has a 21-day return policy in place for dissatisfied clients.

Promotions & Discounts

According to this MZ Wallace review, consumers who subscribe to the company’s email receive a discount of 15% off their subsequent purchase.


Who owns MZ Wallace?

Co-founders Monica Zwirnir and Lucy Wallace Eustice are the owners of MZ Wallace.

Do they offer international shipping?

We discovered that they deliver to several nations, including France, Australia and Belgium.

What’s their shipping policy?

You’ll be pleased to note that free delivery is available on all purchases over $150+ anything less is subject to a fixed cost of between $10 and $15. Additionally, for individuals who can’t wait to get their items, they provide fast shipping.

The company will send you a confirmation email and a tracking number so you can keep track of your transaction.

Their return policy?

They provide clients with a 21 day window in which to return any unwanted merchandise. It’s important to know that they grant exceptions for orders placed around holidays.