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The Oodie Logo

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You’ll find a piece of apparel that fits you perfectly every season, and you’ll nearly begin to live in it. You might want to lounge about in the same pair of sweatpants and tank top combo over the summer. You won’t want to take off your hoodie or sweatshirt in the cold after wearing it nonstop for days on end. The Oodie Review 2022 has provided you with all the information for this winter.

This review explores the brand, and we’ll take you through their high-quality merchandise and apparel…

Australian brothers David and Todd Fogarty had the idea for the Oodie in an spur of the moment. He told the Australian newspaper The Advertiser, “I thought of the idea of a really warm embrace hidden in a blanket, but you can’t move about under a blanket”. People are currently shopping for comfortable clothing to wear around the house and this could be the perfect option.

It could appear to be a cutesy novelty in the form of a blanket with a hood and several prints featuring unicorns, sloths, pizzas, cartoon avocados & tie-dye colours. Its main selling feature is its amazing comfort.

Perhaps the growing popularity of Oodie is a result of a general shift in what we demand from our clothing. When working from home, comfort above utility is prioritized when choosing clothing. Choosing between comfort and cool is no longer an option since comfort equals cool, according to Tara Drury, a retail analyst with the market intelligence company Edited.

Do it on a budget if you want to add an Oodie to your collection of comfortable clothing or offer The Oodie Kids as a gift? Utilize one of the above-mentioned promo codes, go to the website, and get your desired design for a much lower cost. The Oodie coupons are good for everything from tie-dyes to Harry Potter posters. Most individuals over the age of 13 can wear their kids’ and adults’ Oodies since they are around the size of a 6XL sweatshirt. Regardless of your preferences, there is an Oodie for you, from single colours like pink and blue to charming patterns like koalas or kittens to artistic pictures of your favorite Friends or Mickey Mouse characters.

The Oodie Kids include the following key features…

  1. Spacious pockets.
  2. Elasticized sleeves and hood.
  3. Machine washable & one size fits all.

The Oodies plush flannel fleece exterior keeps you warm and shields you from the cold. Sherpa fleece, which resembles sheep’s wool in feel, is used for the inside. They claim that their fleece is a warm, durable polyester fabric. The Oodie kids and adults need to be machine washed and let to air dry.

Take $25 off your first order of an Oodie, if your preferred hobby is curling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket. This lightweight blanket offers exceptional comfort when traveling and keeps you warm on frigid nights. Additionally, The Oodie range offers a variety of vibrant patterns and block color designs in addition to weighted blankets that are calming and grounding.

These Oodies are somewhat expensive. They cost $99 to $594 for the Mega Pack that contains six Oodies. But hold on! You may save money by using our Oodie Free Shipping coupon. Use a special promo code from our Oodie Review to get free shipping on your order.

Save money by purchasing your preferred bundle from The Oodie Sale. Among the affordable bundle packs offered are the Oodie Twin Pack ($158), the Oodie Family Pack ($279), and the Oodie Mega Pack ($359), which can accommodate up to six people. A cozy weighted blanket and your preferred Oodie are both included in the $134 Oodie Weighted Blanket Bundle that is also available.

Want to save a lot of money on your initial purchase? Anyone can enjoy a nice surprise. Become a member of The Oodies to get a $25 discount on your initial purchase by signing up to their email. Don’t miss out on this offer because it’s only available for a short period of time.

How to Wash the Oodie?

Are you contemplating buying one? They’ll improve your life in meaningful ways. However, you should be aware of how to take care of them, seeing as how you’ll soon be spending all of your time wearing them.

They claim that washing an Oodie is quite easy. According to the product’s website, hand washing in cold water will keep its “cuddliness and softness”. Also, there are other options if hand cleaning makes you uncomfortable. You may machine wash delicately in cold water with light detergents. It should not be dry washed, tumble dried, ironed, or cleaned with other colors. And once it has dried, delve into its coziness again.

Final Thoughts

Oodies set themselves apart from the competition not only by offering a wide variety of appealing designs, but also by offering free shipping and returns for all orders within Australia, as well as a money-back guarantee. Their apparel is machine washable with flannel fleece exterior and warm Sherpa fleece inside, and they are completely free of animal testing.