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Here Is Our Opinion after Using a Number of Glossier Products

Say what you want about Glossier and its bright, joyful adverts with smiling, youthful ladies who have never had to deal with social anxiety or the existential despair of noticing your first grey hair. It’s not simply the millennial pink packaging that sets the brand apart, anyone can do it. Or the celebrity fan base, which is far more difficult to acquire but still feasible. Or even the multitudes of cool gals who praise the Solution’s virtues so enthusiastically that you begin to doubt whether they’re receiving a portion of the sales.

Glossier stands out because it is more than a simple cosmetic company, it is a way of life. It’s a Petra Collins dream world that holds up the possibility of creating a more beautiful land, one where Baker Miller pink decor covers every available surface and Byredo Burning Rose candles can always be seen glimmering in your peripheral. And, with each spray of your fragrance, you’re taking a step closer to having the purposefully unkempt air of an off duty supermodel, while also becoming a member of a cool & unfailingly supportive sisterhood.

Additionally, some of their items are really, really amazing. Don’t simply get them because, five girls with wild bangs posted about them online, get them because they actually function well.

In an effort to identify the absolute finest products from Glossier, the just-okay products, and the products you should avoid, we tested them all. So, give in to the part of you that craves pastel-colored packaging and pop-up stores in hip cafés. You should consider adding these Glossier items to your Top Shelf, at least for the wellbeing of your skin…