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There really are excellent socks and awful socks, which I’m confident I don’t need to convince you of. The good ones are hard to find, but when I do, it feels like as if I can conquer the world. Exaggeration? Very slightly.

Bombas makes some amazing socks. This company, which provides a huge variety of basics for men, women, and children, but their line is anything but basic. Bombas is on a quest to achieve and be better than the rest by giving away one product for every one that is purchased. They’ve raised 50 million so far.

Despite the media exposure Bombas has received from publications like Women’s Health and Gear Patrol, their revolutionary socks are what keep most of their clients as lifelong patrons. Just question their 645k online community.

About Bombas Socks

The brand Bombas is well known across the country. The company offers a collection of high-quality, colourful, yet understated items. After all, these are necessities, but from what I’ve observed, they are a vast improvement above the normal 3-packs from the dollar mart.

What distinguishes them so greatly? Mostly, the seven unique qualities that are incorporated into every pair of socks. Sweat-wicking fabric and supporting stretch were essential for achieving their goal of combining comfort and performance. Don’t worry, slippage is not an issue here; Bombas provides a variety of interesting goods that can withstand your busiest days, all in a wide range of colours and straightforward designs.

It may seem easy to design the ideal pair of socks, but Bombas’ creators David Heath and Randy Goldberg didn’t take the task lightly. Shortly after their 2013 launch, they made an appearance on the TV programme Shark Tank to promote their useful, fashionable socks. Once they struck a contract with Daymond John, the company really took off.

Daymond, though, was aware that the company’s mission went beyond selling socks. Bombas emphasizes the following four guiding principles…

  1. Delivering upscale apparel for men, women, and kids.
  2. Seven material advancements are covered by the use of high-quality cloths and engineering to provide daily wearers with the optimum level of comfort and performance.
  3. A programme that exchanges purchases for donations that will benefit regional communities around the country
  4. Delivers hassle-free, satisfaction-guaranteed customer service support with a 100% Happiness Guarantee Policy


Why is giving back being stressed so much? Bombas launched their business on the premise that the correct necessities had the potential to alter lives after realizing that socks were the most often demanded item in homeless shelters.


Massive variety of socks, undershirts, and other clothing.

Designs that are clear, concise, and visually pleasant.

Donates one pair for each pair purchased.

Premium materials and in-depth testing.

Designs for ladies, men & children.

Happiness Assured.

Free delivery.


Much expensive than regular socks.

Where Does Bombas Produce Their Socks

Few of the finest cotton and merino wool producers in the world create Bombas. Their socks are finalized in China after the initial phases of manufacturing, and then they are sent to the US. The company employs incredibly soft long staple yarns that are both moisture wicking and antibacterial thanks to their wool and cotton composition. 

Dress Socks

Bombas concentrates on performance, and that includes hurried boardroom pacing and early morning journeys on the heel train. I browsed through what seemed like an infinite number of designs in its men’s and women’s categories, all represented with their distinctive honeycomb support system, with options for calf, knee-high, and ribbed versions.

For a sure-fit cuff and a solid stay-up feature, a blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex is used in the different lengths. The socks fit just snugly enough to stay there and prevent slipping down thanks to a balance between flexibility and tension. A very crucial component.

Dress socks by Bombas include a Y-stitched heel and a seamless toe for a comfortable fit. Since I’ve also experienced the agony of seams pressing into my toes, I was relieved to hear about this. With honeycomb technology to support your arch and soft fabric on the heel to help prevent blisters, these shoes are made to help you face the day. Compared to its previous collections, the Bombas dress sock line features muted colour palettes and straightforward patterns. Prices for a single pair range from $15 to $20.

Running Socks

Socks important when it comes to running. I need a pair of socks that are thin but not too thin, cushioned, and supportive. If you can go without socks, that’s great. Bombas therefore meets the criteria.

They provide both quarter and ankle cuts for their running socks. The product line is lightweight and flexible thanks to its construction of polyester, nylon, cotton, and spandex, making it perfect for any degree of activity in an active lifestyle.

These professional running socks’ unique Bombas Hex Tec, which promotes increased ventilation and moisture wicking, is its key distinguishing characteristic. The running socks were made with an airflow pattern within the cloth to optimize cushioning at key contact points and breathability.

In this collection, anticipate more vivid tones, and pick up a pair for $16–$22.

Merino Wool Socks

Socks made of merino wool are a popular choice. It makes sense to choose a fabric that naturally fights bacteria and odor for something that often perspires and smells. The lengths of the merino wool socks from Bombas range from no show to knee-high. A pair of socks made from a unique material combination of wool, polyester, spandex, and nylon are incredibly soft. Why not stick to wool? It may become rather warm. In order to make sure that they are appropriate for every outfit or season of the year, the company employs a variety of fabrics.

Merino wool socks have a beautifully soft feel that not only conforms to your feet but also improves their comfort, if you’ve never put a pair on before. The fabric’s ability to wick away moisture and circulate air helps keep your feet fresh and breathable. Spend $15–$24 on a pair of the softest merino wool socks and enjoy them all year long.

Ankle Socks

Though I adore calf socks, ankle socks are my preferred choice for shoes, which I wear almost every day. Bombas ankle socks are constructed of a blend of cotton, polyester, rubber, and spandex and come in a variety of colours, from basic white to extreme rainbow pride.

These shoes are a no-brainer for individuals who prefer increased comfort and performance, despite the fact that their vibrant colours undoubtedly make them stand out. To provide complete wear comfort, these socks include a seamless toe, a Y-stitched heel, and a honeycomb arch support system. They are also supported with a cushioned footbed and a blister tab, making them the most comfortable shoes to wear throughout the day. Obtain a pair now.

No Show Socks

The person who came up with no-show socks done the entire world a favour. Even while I adore socks, I sometimes dislike how they seem in some shoes. I adore how this design combines the best of both worlds, but GQ magazine has also given these no show socks high acclaim. These no-show miracles promise no slide wear and are made of a carefully tested combination of cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon.

And despite their simplicity, these socks are quite comfortable. The lightweight fabric, propelled by developed technology, offers great performance, supported by heel grips that remain in place and a cushioned footbed. It seems like a dream. You’ll doubtless be perplexed by how the Bombas no-show socks manage to be both plush and little. With a pair for $12–$16, never skimp on comfort, style, or performance.

Size Chart for Bombas Socks

Even though socks might stretch, you still need to get the correct size. I can remember dreading wearing a pair of shoes that were too big for me before. On their official website, Bombas provides a fantastic sizing chart to assist you in finding the ideal fit. Although most people are aware of their shirt and sock sizes, the chart is a good tool to make sure you’re as accurate as possible. The Bombas sizing chart divides its different styles into categories for men, women, and kids.

The instructions are straightforward, and the chart not only indicates your sock size but also gives a thorough description of their shirt sizes. I’ve found the sizing chart to be both useful and instructive while utilizing it. The future? You could find out that you’ve been purchasing the incorrect size all along. I believe it’s worthwhile to look into.

Bombas Retail Stores

Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Dick’s Sporting Goods are just a few of the partnering retailers and department stores where you may buy Bombas socks. The company doesn’t currently possess a dedicated retail location.

Bombas Online

Currently their website, offers the whole line of Bombas socks.

Is Bombas Socks Available on Amazon?

Yes, there is a small assortment of Bombas socks on Amazon. The socks are praised for their use, comfort, effectiveness, and pricing in ratings and reviews. Take a look for yourself.

Promo Codes & Coupons

Our readers are eligible for a unique discount from Bombas. Use coupon HBR20 to receive 20% off the whole website. I discovered a few additional options to save money when researching Bombas socks. This includes free delivery on orders over $50, a 20% discount when you join the mailing list, and a $25 discount when you recommend a friend



Bombas offers both domestic and overseas shipping for their items. Based on the area, purchase value, and delivery time, there are many shipping alternatives. The information for US orders is provided below…

Domestic Shipping

  1. Orders of $50 or more, qualify for free shipping, which takes 4–7 business days.
  2. On orders under $50, standard shipping is provided for a fixed charge of $4. And it takes 4–7 working days.
  3. For the fixed price of $8 and delivery times of 3-5 business days, priority shipping is offered on all orders.
  4. For a fixed fee of $25, FedEx 2 Day delivery is offered on all orders. And it takes 2 business days.
  5. All orders can have overnight shipping, however the cost changes by region. The website’s checkout portion will provide an actual price for overnight shipping n orders. It is delivered next business day.

International Shipping

  1. All orders can be sent through Canada Post for a fixed fee of $15 and are delivered within 10 business days.
  2. All orders can be shipped by FedEx International Economy for a fixed fee of $45 and take 10–14 business days.

Their Return Policy

The Bombas Happiness Guarantee supports all replacements and refunds and pays for all charges, including shipping. Their guarantee has no time restriction. Let the company know if you’re not satisfied with your socks for any reason, and they’ll return your money.

Contacting Bombas

You can contact the company if you require any further information…

Phone – 800-314-0980

Email –

Their Website –

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