Enchanted Fine Jewelry

Enchanted Fine Jewelry
Enchanted Fine Jewelry

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Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is a collection of diamond, gold and gemstone jewelry inspired by the romance of Disney fairy tales. The collection celebrates Happily Ever After with jewelry inspired by Disney Princesses and Villains, Frozen and Tinker Bell. It celebrates a woman’s beauty, elegance, independence, and style, and also, most importantly love. Whether someone is getting ready to propose to a soul mate, buying a gift for a daughter, or treating herself, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry celebrates every moment meaningfully. Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry allows every woman to beautifully express her inner Princess.

Every Enchanted piece meets the exacting standards of Disney, with the lasting quality and craftsmanship to become an heirloom handed down from one generation to the next. We are proud to bring the enchantment of Disney storytelling to the world of fine jewelry for the millions of Disney fans, making their Jewelry dreams come true.

Renaissance Jewelry is part of Renaissance Global, a highly differentiated luxury lifestyle products company that designs, manufactures and sells fine jewelry to global retailers.

The company designs and manufactures for speciality jewelry retailers like Fred Meyer, Helzberg Diamonds, Joyalukkas, Malabar, Signet Jewellers’ and department store chains like JCPenney, Macy’s and Walmart. It’s also a trusted supplier to catalogue e-commerce and television retailers like Amazon, Argos and Jewelry Television. The company has maintained its relationship with more than 50 customers across the USA, UK and the Middle East. Renaissance Global employs more than 150 designers with expertise in global fashion trends across the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Dubai. With its investment in the latest technologies and human talent, it has the ability to craft over 1,000 unique designs per month. The craftsmanship is unrivalled because with the combination of human skill and cutting-edge technology, every piece of jewelry is an epitome of uniqueness, and from the Disney point of view, customers fall in love with these products at first glance.

There are many types of diamond earrings that you can play with to accessorize your outfits. You can get the most beautiful looks for your style or occasion and always look perfectly put together. It is also important to remember that rules are arbitrary; rules are meant to be broken, so play around and do what makes you feel your best! Take these tips into account if you want some guidance, but trust your personal style and play around with confidence!

Hoops Earrings

Hoops are the ultimate going out accessory. They are playful and fun and always make an outfit stand out. Wear them casually with jeans, or with this season’s trends.

Stud Earrings

Nothing is cuter than a good pair of statement studs. You can play around and show off your creativity with fun shapes, designs, and characters. You can go classic and simple or give a burst of personality. Even if the size is subdued, what you say with them doesn’t have to be.

Night Out

When you are going out for a fancy occasion you want to show up dressed to the nines. Go big, go all out, and shine. In a silk dress, ball gown or tuxedo, wearing statement earrings is the way to go. Be bold in your diamond jewelry and people will spot you from across the room.


Earrings that hug your ears go perfectly with an updo. They aren’t too distracting, but they pull you in.

Drop Earrings

A beautiful classic ornate style are drop earrings. Go extravagant with these. Show off a little, flash the jewels on your fancy earrings. They are sure to gather compliments and leave everybody talking.


Diamond studs are the classic wardrobe essential. They can be dressed up or down, and worn absolutely every day. They are perfect for building out your daily looks. When you are sparkling, these help that inner beauty shine.

Modern day Rapunzel would shine so bright in these glowing sun pieces. With summer starting we all have dreams of growing our hair incredibly long for our looks to be reminiscent of the golden locked princess.

Rapunzel found out she was the lost princess due to bright lights Time to get tangled up in a summer adventure of your dreams, and you’ll need one of her trusty lanterns to guide you.

Rapunzel is the kind of princess to go out and find her own adventure. She lights up the sky with her golden hair, bright personality, and amazing spirit. You can remember to let your light shine too with the Rapunzel sun ring in gorgeous yellow gold that’s perfect for summer, the dazzling yellow gold earrings, and the gold sun Rapunzel medallion so you can always find your way.

If your adventure leads you to it, there are also gorgeous Rapunzel diamond engagement rings, for when you find the one who lights up your heart and your sky. Summer is the perfect time for adventure, for exploration, and for letting excitement find you. Help guide it to you and be the center of your own universe with these sun jewelry pieces.

Summer is here! We have all been craving the beach, the sand, the ocean. Our beautiful beachy mermaid Ariel swims beyond the coral this summer with her exquisite princess collection. This girl has everything you want this summer to accessorize and play all day in the sun.

Sailors ahoy! This sparkling anchor pendant is perfect for the summer and the beach. The rose gold shell shines over the sterling silver anchor grounding you so you remember where your heart lies, on the beach with your toes in the sand. This Ariel necklace anchors her between her two worlds and will remind you where you came from and where you want to be.

Flipping your fins to this scaly rose gold and diamond ring. Its scales will make you feel just like our beautiful mermaid princess. This sterling silver pearl Ariel ring is truly a jewel of the sea. A fashionable standout for this little mermaid. Ariel would definitely wear this gorgeous pearl to dinner at the palace.

Swim to shore in these sterling silver diamond starfish earrings. They are wearable during the sticky summer. Simple, intricate, beautiful, and fitting for my mermaid fairy-tale. Summer style is best when it is lightweight, wearable, and gorgeous. Ariel’s line delivers all of that and more with fun pieces as well as beautiful creations to accessorize any outfit for any occasion. Dancing on the beach, a candlelit dinner, a boat ride, a date, or hanging out with your friends, shop this collection on enchantedfinejewelry.com to embrace the best summer ever.