6 women staples in UK for petite women.

Summer is a great time for petite women as they can take out the best fashion styles that will complement their stature, a cute top with a mini skirt with wedges or if more formal go with good old fashioned high heels.

Petite women should show off their fabulous physique, all things do come in small packages

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If someone is 5’4 – 5’3 they really want to flaunt their stylish petite figure, do check your clothes in your wardrobe and add these to them as well, there is no such thing as, this will look good on everyone, everyone has a different look and different outfits complement them, same goes for petite women. Heels are something every petite woman wants to wear to compensate for their height. However, our suggestion is to wear what looks good, style yourself in such a way that showcases your personality traits, in the 21st century all women have different outfits / personality styles, that can be classified in the following categories

Formal Wear

Casual Wear

Party Wear

Casual outgoing

The above mentioned types are mostly used by U.K women if they want to go out and have a good time at the pub.

1. High waist bottom

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They are also known as the best friend of petite women, as they elongate your lower body part i.e. legs and they make you look longer, general rule for thumb is to go for something darker as you know what they say “Black is always slimming”, and try to get them in most comfortable fabric that stretches, as it will help you be more comfortable without feeling too restricted, especially if you’re working in an office and you have to sit at an office desk for hours. High waist pants can be used the same way as well, they elongate your bottom half and make you look really tall.

2. Wrap Dress

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Wrap dress can be worn in summers as well as autumn too, they are transitional, easy to go out and about plus they’re flattering as hell. You can also maximize the slimming effect by keeping its sleeves above your elbows plus add the heel size that matches your height don’t go overboard with the heel height though remember, being comfortable is the name of the game here.

3. Jeans

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Before you stop reading this part give us a chance to convince you that wearing denim especially mom jeans can make you look really good if you know how to style them, ofcourse. All you have to do is tuck in your top to define your waistline, then cuff the bottom show a bit of your ankles you will look really cool and they will also make you look taller.

4. Culottes

Fernway Culottes - Adult – Twig + Tale

As mom jeans were a bit towards on the casual side this is more towards the formal dressing side. Something to make you look really fabulous, cropped culottes are classy and even the most petite women look like they own the entire room.

5: Moto Jacket

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We know you cannot wear moto jackets, they are not really a summer item however this is more towards autumn / start of winter season. Not only Moto jackets make you look uber cool they also clear your waist line just a few inches and make you look taller.

6: Paper bag waist paints.

How to Wear Paperbag Waist Pants | Casual Friday

No, they’re not actually made out of paper, you’re not going to drown in them, They snuggly hold your waist line, make it look like old school hour glass figure, giving you that long legs and again making you look taller. You can also rock flats with them just make sure to select the top properly.

Honorary mentions:

Petite Stylish Jump Suits.

lace and locks, petite fashion blogger, yellow floral jumpsuit, morning  lavender jumpsuit, spring jumpsuit, … | Fashion, Floral jumpsuit outfit,  Cute spring outfits

Jump suits are the talk of the town its true that their trend comes and goes however we have seen A list Hollywood celebrities wearing them in charity events, met gala’s and even on Red carpet. One piece jump suits increase petite women height, especially if their legs are short.

The best part about Jump suits that they are automatically styled, can be wore to the weddings as well.

Trench Coat

Franklin Trench Coat - Gingerbread | Boden UK

Although it may sound like wearing something too big is going to make you look even more petite but our suggestion to get a well fitted trench coat that can be worn in rainy weather. A clean cut trench coat creates a well lean shape and vertical flat line that every petite girl loves.

Off the shoulder

Women's Off the Shoulder Tops | Nordstrom

Off the shoulder dresses are a go to for summer time. Because of their long fabric, these dresses give out a ultimate lengthening effect that makes every petite women tall and fabulous, and the best part they are affordable and the color combination plus pattern are endless, you can find them in almost all the stores.

Different body types i.e. different necklines look good on different petite body types.

Wrap Dresses

How to Wear a Wrap Dress | The Fox & She | Chicago Style Blogger | Wrap  dress floral, Summer dresses, Fashion

Invented by the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg in 1974. Its hard to imagine that this favorite type of favorite dress ours, is as old as over 40 years.

This is very versatile day to day wear that can be formal and party out simply casual wear if you want.

Even celebrities like Victoria Beckham loves it. It’s especially designed for those who want to showcase their curves. If you have a boyish figure wrap dresses can add female curve lines.

Maxi Dress

Best maxi dress UK: 23 maxi dresses for women to buy in 2021

Also known as the women’s best friend, its one of the most flattering dresses that every petite woman should own, maxi dresses are also available in short sizes if you under 5’3 get a dress that suitable to you, show a little ankle, let it loose and trust me, you will look fabulous.

As a disclaimer we want to highlight that the above-mentioned clothes should not be considered as the final or the only choice or options, always try out different outfits and see what looks good on you, then decide what you want to buy.

Also as a right hand rule we suggest, always try to check out summers vs autumn outfits as some outfits can be taken as all seasons.

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