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Imagine if you were able to order your lunches, snacks, and appetizers online in addition to your cooking supplies and kitchen equipment? It appears that ordering from Williams Sonoma enables you to do just that. Here’s what you’ll get out of adopting this meal delivery service, as well as what you can finally choose to give up.

Quick Look at Williams Sonoma

Best Match For -: People seeking a single location to purchase all kitchen necessities, including cookware, appliances, and grill ware, as well as some delectable delicacies and pantry supplies.

No obligations – You may order whenever you want.

Availability – United States and Canada

Value – Various products and locations will affect prices and delivery costs.

Type – All the essentials for an indoor and outdoor kitchen, including cookware, bake ware, cutlery, food, and more.

What Does Williams-Sonoma Have to Offer?

The culinary industry has always seen Williams Sonoma as a major player. The creator of the firm found the distinctions between 1950s consumer cookware from Europe and America to be creatively stimulating. After returning to the US, he turned a hardware store in Sonoma, California, into a premium destination for customers looking for specialized French cookware.

The business still offers the ingredients and cooking utensils that home cooks require, but it also caters to individuals who would rather not to spend their time slaving over a hot stove. It provides cooked meals, sides, soups, and other dishes in addition to gourmet ingredients and seasonal delicacies. We’ll examine a few of these things to determine if they’re deserving of your next culinary exploration.

Their Meals - What Can I Expect?

The prepared meals at Williams Sonoma include imaginative choices and ingredients from well-known chefs and brands including Giada de Laurentiis, Tuscan Markets, Bob’s Red Mill, and Elephants Delicatessen. If you’ve used other food delivery services, you might not be familiar with the impressive variety of dishes available.

Their Premade Meals

There are several different variants of a lot of the prepared meal choices. For example, multi-entree packs that satisfy their cravings are available in three or five day editions for vegetarians and lovers of Italian cuisine. Even more basic foods, like tamales, are available in a wide range of tastes and unusual ingredients. There are even party platters made for people who enjoy to serve.

You may choose how you want to eat these meals as well. For instance, you may buy a pasta-only sampling and pair it with a sauce combination in addition to trying whole pasta dishes like a gnocchi sampler with a variety of fillings and sauces. In other words, experimenting is just as simple as ordering a whole dinner online.

Food Kits

Want something a little less elaborate? Meal packages featuring seasonal, fresh ingredients are available in the Williams Sonoma Sun Basket line. Even though you’ll have to handle the cooking, all ingredients are premeasured, and you may tailor the experience by selecting from 18 weekly dishes.

Soups & Sides

Williams Sonoma’s ability to suit any hosting style is perfectly demonstrated by the sides menu. It’s simple to put up a magnificent spread without having to prepare it all by yourself, from organic stuffing mixes and sauces to gluten-free green bean casseroles and truffle mashed potatoes. Furthermore, it helps that you can get the soups and side dishes in many forms, such as completely cooked or as useful Instant Pot starters.

Additional Menu Items

The Williams Sonoma online store is also stocked with a variety of foods that don’t make up whole meals but are nevertheless necessary for assembling wholesome feasts.

For instance, you may buy a cake, cupcake, or pancake mix for dessert, couple your family’s favourite main dish ingredients with simmering sauces, or get a full hors d’oeuvres tray to start a formal gala. You don’t need to search very far to become an outstanding host because there is a huge assortment of infused oils, bread, wines, and specialty sauces.

Williams Sonoma Delivery Regions

They deliver meals to each of the 50 US states. It provides service to FPO and APO locations, unlike many other businesses, albeit these orders could take longer to arrive. The specifications of each menu item should be carefully read; some are sent from suppliers, so results may vary.


Since Williams Sonoma is a luxury brand, many of its products are expensive purchases. Having said that, the store is large enough for you to locate a ton of fantastic discounts.

The cost of an entree varies depending on how many people it serves, but given what you get, it could be reasonable. For instance, the three-day vegetarian entrée costs somewhat less than $130, but it contains approximately seven pounds of food in three portions that may each serve two to four people.

When purchasing the most well-liked dessert products, such as pies and cakes, use caution. Many of the goods and equipment you’ll need to produce your own recipe variants for much less are provided by the same firm, however some of these menu options cost more than $100. This is a lot to pay.

Prices range from a few pennies for small sweets to hundreds or thousands of dollars for household appliances since this industry is so vast. The chosen products and the delivery location will determine the shipping costs.

Shipping Cost

You will pay a regular delivery fee depending on the total price of your item if you reside in one of the lower 48 US states. There is a $10 surcharge per order for residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and US territory.

Do They Deliver On Holidays

They’re a great option for a lavish vacation, but use caution. Doing everything at the last minute won’t work since every event has a different delivery deadline. You wouldn’t want to lose out on the full experience, after all.

Pros & Cons

Williams Sonoma has a long history of excellence, which elevates its culinary selections to the highest caliber. On the other side, unless you stick with choices like the Sun Basket packages, you won’t find very nutritious food. It’s difficult to make a mistake here if your intention is to amuse.

Final Verdict

Most meal delivery businesses target a particular market, but this one is unmistakably posh. Although the menu might be pricy, everything is served fresh and is influenced by top chefs. Additionally, you may purchase the cooking equipment you’ll need to go all out and create bespoke dinners.