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About Mytheresa

German-based Mytheresa is an online retailer of high-end clothing. For ladies, men, and kids, they provide a selection of luxury purses, jewelry, and clothes. They include designers like Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Balmain & more.

My Opinion of Mytheresa

I recently placed an order from Mytheresa since they had the designer handbag in the color and size I was looking for, plus they offered incredibly quick shipping as well as free returns.

In Tennessee, the United States, where I reside in the middle of nowhere, there are no shops selling expensive purses close by. I thus purchase products like these online. So, I placed a few orders with MyTheresa. I also purchased a Givenchy Moon Cut bag in addition to the Burberry gloves.

My Experience

The Mytheresa’s website made shopping exceedingly simple and uncomplicated. Due to my extensive study on the Givenchy Moon Cut bag, I was already certain of my handbag preferences. Finding gloves that I loved to go with it, however, was becoming more difficult. Finding the color and size of the gloves I was looking for was simple to do on the Mytheresa website. I had no trouble at all locating the ideal gloves!

The final amount also included all tariffs and taxes when I went to pay. Therefore, there were no further charges when it was transported from Germany to my US address. Following my purchase, I also received an order confirmation in my email.


Mytheresa packaged and shipped my product in less than a day. My package arrived from Germany. I picked FedEx as the shipping company, while I could have also gone with DHL.

According to Mytheresa, shipping should take three days. Before I completed my purchase, the website, however, included a notice stating that there were occasional delivery delays due to covid and that my shipment will be delayed by up to 1 business day.

My order was delayed. But I’m not sure why, the tracking information just stated operational delay. I had to wait an extra two days. The shipment did, however, arrive on time on Monday, so it was only late by one working day. Their shipping estimations are therefore accurate. It’s also vital to remember that your Mytheresa shipment will need to be signed for by you or another person. They won’t hand it over without signing it.


You have the choice to have your item wrapped in one of Mytheresa’s trademark yellow boxes or you can select their eco-friendly box option, which is simply a plain box, when you check out.

Return Process

I ultimately decided to return the gloves, but I kept the Givenchy bag. I adore it, it matches and fits with the other purses I own and it is precisely what I was hoping for. On Monday, right as they opened, I delivered the gloves to my neighborhood’s FedEx.

Mytheresa required me to complete a few straightforward paperwork, in which I had to affix to a transparent envelope on the outside of the delivery. FedEx assisted me with this and it was quite simple process.

By Wednesday, the return shipment had arrived in Germany and had successfully navigated all customs procedures. On Friday, Mytheresa informed me through email that they were handling my return. By Monday morning, I had received an email and a reimbursement.

Therefore, the time from the day I dropped off my box at FedEx and the day my reimbursement arrived in my bank account was a week. I was amazed! Given that it was traveling from Tennessee to Germany, that turnaround time was extremely quick.

Do They Sell Fakes

I was able to examine two bags side by side to see if there were any obvious changes, as I had also ordered a Givenchy Moon Cut bag from Neiman Marcus.

With a minute exception in size, they were identical. Everything about these bags, including the hardware, stitching, leather, color and authenticity documentation were identical. Furthermore, there is no evidence to imply that my Burberry gloves were not genuine. Amazing quality and all necessary papers and badges for authenticity were included.

So, I believe it is safe to claim that MyTheresa sells genuine premium goods and by no means are their products fake.

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