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SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On All Sale Items

SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On All Sale Items

SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On All Sale Items
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  • Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $12

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $12

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $12
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    Brighten Your Space! Shop Designer Lightning Starts From $120

    Brighten Your Space! Shop Designer Lightning Starts From $120
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    Checkout Our Rugs Collection Starting From $29

    Checkout Our Rugs Collection Starting From $29
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    Checkout Our Kids Items Starts From $15 + Free Shipping On Selected Items

    Checkout Our Kids Items Starts From $15 + Free Shipping On Selected Items
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    Shop Our Lounge Chairs Collection Starting As Low As $670

    Shop Our Lounge Chairs Collection Starting As Low As $670
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    Shop Our Baskets & Bins Collection Starting From $17.99

    Shop Our Baskets & Bins Collection Starting From $17.99
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  • Overview

    The collection by McGee & Co. combines contemporary, sophisticated items with traditional, rustic farmhouse themes. The company sells furniture and home accessories that adhere to a warm and neutral design, ranging from plush upholstery and bookshelves to lighting and kitchenware. McGee & Co. has always garnered praise for its beautiful yet understated designs. It has an outstanding 2 million followers across all of its social media channels and has been highlighted for its amazing collection in publications like HouseBeautiful and Apartment Therapy. The brand’s creators, Syd and Shea McGee, also have a Netflix series, Dream Home Makeover.

    Can McGee & Co. also assist you in furnishing your ideal home? With our review, we hope to assist you in making that choice. We’ll be your tour guide as you explore the company, its top-selling products, client endorsements, significant frequently asked questions, and more. Let’s begin…

    About McGee & Co

    Shea McGee is an entrepreneur and stay-at-home mother who founded McGee & Co. She founded the business in a spare bedroom at her house. After a few semesters in design school, Shea realized that her particular aesthetic—bright and simple—was one that many other people shared. She had a lot of creative ideas and a passion for interior design, and she was always coming up with fresh looks while yet retaining a classic aesthetic.

    Her tiny firm eventually became large, and in 2014 she founded the company alongside her husband Syd, who had experience in marketing. It continues to serve consumers in North America with traditional and modern designs that fall inside a gentle, neutral colour palette since it is dedicated to its original aesthetic. The company is constantly growing its selection of home furniture and accessories. It’s also important to note that the company’s headquarters are in Salt Lake City and that all of its items are ethically and meticulously made in the US.

    After discussing the history and purpose of the company, our review will look at some of the most important points to remember.


    1. Free catalogue
    2. Produced in the US.
    3. Neutral, classic colour scheme.
    4. Free samples of cloth are available.
    5. Accessible all around North America.
    6. Netflix programme for further motivation.
    7. Made from strong, high-quality materials.
    8. Diverse range of traditional, rustic furniture and décor.
    9. Offers unique items that may be used to furnish and decorate a complete house.


    Everything in McGee & Co.’s product lineup is neutral and stylish, perfect for creating a room that feels spacious and warm. So, whether you live in a large, gorgeous home or a basement apartment, you’ll discover the elements you need to decorate your area.

    We’ve selected a few of the most well-liked items from a couple of the many categories to showcase in our review, in order to help you get started with the brand’s selection. See them listed below.

    McGee & Co Furniture & Decor

    We’ve put together a list of the top sellers from several different sectors because they provide a wide selection of furniture and décor alternatives. You’ll discover some interesting findings that will give your house a welcoming and refined feel below…

    Sorren Media Cabinet

    The McGee & Co. Sorren Media Cabinet is a timeless option, whether it is placed in the dining room, the foyer, or beneath your TV. The rounded brass knobs and rattan doors contrast with the crisp, contemporary contour of the rectangle. This piece, which is perfect for storage, has two cabinets, four doors, and movable inner shelves that make it simple to fit and arrange your belongings. It has handles made of antique brass and is made of solid wood.

    The Sorren Media Cabinet retails for $1,688, down from $2,250, and is offered in your choice of brown, white, or natural.

    Beckett Chair

    The comfy and adaptable McGee & Co. Beckett Chair has a sophisticated mid-century design with tapering legs and a sleek, natural wood frame. Additionally, it boasts velvety cushions made of a light linen blend and a cane-textured backing.

    Whether you’re furnishing a nook for reading or a sitting area in your living room, this chair fits in wherever you want it to. The Beckett Chair, made of teak and linen, costs $1,260 (on sale from $1,575) and comes with plush white or light grey cushions.

    Decker Table Lamp

    If you’re looking to add an earthy depth to your space, the McGee & Co. Decker Table Lamp will do the trick. The rounded base creates a full, warm look, with a unique aged texture and brushed pattern. The white linen shade contrasts the darker base, adding a light and airy touch. Ideal for warming up any room, this lamp will add simple yet intricate detail to your living, sleeping, or reading space.

    Adding a soft light to your room, the Decker Table Lamp is on sale for $300 (from $375).

    McGee & Co Kitchen

    Some of the brand’s most well-known products are kitchen accessories, which can be seen in countless households’ idyllic country kitchens. We’ll look at several bestsellers below to provide quaint, rural inspiration.

    Golden Charcuterie Knife Set

    Whether you’re dining alone or with companions, a charcuterie board is the perfect way to savour your favourite wines, meats, and cheeses. The McGee & Co. Golden Charcuterie Knife Set gives the dish a glitzy finish. But the dazzling gold accent serves a practical purpose in addition to being beautiful. Each of the four pieces in this set has an open handle for a secure grip. Along with selecting up meat, you have options for spreading and slicing cheese.

    The Golden Charcuterie Knife Set, which usually costs $21, is the ideal housewarming present and is currently $28 off.

    Hex Coasters Set of 4

    The McGee & Co. Hex Coasters Set of 4 is proof that coasters can be both attractive and practical. These chic coasters protect your surfaces while also looking wonderful stacked and placed on the table. They are made from a striking and exquisite blend of marble and mango wood.

    The Hex Coasters Set of 4 retails for $14, marked down from $18. It has a hexagonal form and airy, bright tones.

    McGee & Co Rugs

    Their rug assortment features a wide variety of patterns and designs that may be seen in even the most classic settings. There are many options with neutral colours and distinctive patterns, but we’ll go into more detail about our two favourites right now…

    La Messina Patterned Rug

    The McGee & Co. La Messina Patterned Rug has an antique and ornate design and is opulent and refined. Olive and charcoal are the two dominant hues, with a few warm tones thrown in here and there to add warmth. This design, which is made entirely of polyester, is readily color-retentive and resistant to dampness, stains, and abrasion. This rug was made by hand on a power loom. It is incredibly soft and resilient, making it perfect for high traffic areas and adding depth to any room.

    The La Messina Patterned Rug retails for $40 – 480 and comes in a range of sizes.

    Ellington Rug

    The neutral colours and detailed design of the McGee & Co. Ellington Rug, which is intended for more conventional rooms, pull the attention throughout the room. The detailed and elegant design gives your home a more deliberate feel. Because it is made entirely of wool, this rug is incredibly robust and will stand the test of time. This design will unify the area, whether you use a runner in the kitchen or a sizable rug in the bedroom.

    The Ellington Rug is meticulously hand-tufted and retails for $120-$840 (on sale for $160-$1,120). It is available in a few different sizes.

    Customer Reviews

    We spoke with actual customers to get a feel of what buyers are saying about this famous home décor company. Despite the excitement on the internet and in person, we were surprised to only discover a few reviews.

    We looked to Target to see what customers had to say because there were no reviews on the brand’s website. Bestsellers from McGee & Co. received a perfect rating of 4.5/5 on this website.

    According to one client, their new décor item “looks more pricey than it is.” The warm wood tone “adds just the right amount of colour” to their home, they continue.

    Another customer bought a lovely set of marble bookends and praised their beauty and use. They claim that this decoration distinguishes themselves from the competition…

    “I bought these to hold up my cookbooks in the kitchen. I bought another set somewhere else that was just way too light. I found that Not only do they do what they’re supposed to do, which is hold up the books, they are just beautiful!”

    One customer selected traditional table lights. This customer attests that the lights are a lovely addition to their house and go well with all of their other furniture. Consider this sample…

    “I ordered 3 for the living room. Perfect sized table lamp and I loveee the dimmer feature! They fit perfectly above my studio McGee book shelves! It looks like a hotel lobby at night.”

    Only consumers who had negative experiences seemed to leave comments on Trustpilot; a total of 68 people mentioned long delivery times. While there isn’t much to rely on from this study, it is important to note that it covers the period from 2021 to 2022, when all carriers were dealing with delays. Given that the firm is sending huge products, it makes sense that the brand would warn customers about the likelihood of shipment delays when things return to normal. Its crew appears to be on top of this problem well.

    The majority of McGee & Co. customer testimonials praise the items’ quality and the fact that they are made of premium materials. Each item is made to last, both the test of time and every fad and trend.

    Are They Trustworthy

    The brand you’re buying from and its legitimacy should be your first priority while looking for high-quality home furniture. We want to make it clear in our review that this company is authentic.

    McGee & Co. not only has a sizable social media following, but it has also gained a place in Target’s portfolio of furniture and home décor brands. The business also has a Netflix series! So it’s safe to assume that they’re trustworthy…

    Are They Worth Your Time & Money

    It will be simple to decorate your place with a broad variety of items that fit into an understated and rustic mood. Any piece you choose from the selection will go perfectly with the rest of your collection for a balanced look. All things considered, we’ll conclude this review by saying that if you like rustic, farmhouse style, neutral tones, and home design, you should check out this company’s products.

    Who Is McGee & Co Targeted Towards?

    You can only fully call an apartment, house, or sublease your own when you fill it with furniture you adore. In order to furnish your room with items that all adhere to the same casual and classic style, McGee & Co. provides a wide selection of furniture and accessories.

    In other words, the items are perfect for anybody looking for traditional and timeless furniture to furnish their home. It’s also important to note that the brand provides free fabric swatches and a catalogue if you want more guidance.

    Special Offers & Discounts

    McGee & Co.’s rates are already competitive since they want to make a beautiful house affordable. It also provides alternative strategies to save money. Here is what we discovered when conducting our review…

    For Memorial Day, the whole store will be 25% discount.

    You can also view the clearance section for amazing deals.


    Their shipping policy?

    The company works hard to get orders out as quickly as feasible. Therefore, shipping timeframes may vary depending on the item. Prices begin at $6 and vary based on the contents of the cart. The way the company provides delivery estimates on its website is as follows…

    General accessories – Shipping costs vary by product and are detailed in each product description.

    Backordered Items – Estimated shipment timeframes are liable to vary. If there are any alterations to the items in your purchase, the brand’s staff will let you know and will ship any goods that are still in stock. Orders for furniture and artwork cannot be cancelled because of a backorder.

    Pillows & Textiles – Some items are manufactured to order and will ship within 5-7 business days. Once sent, tracking information will be made available, and delivery timeframes are predicted to be between 2 and 7 business days.

    Artwork – Custom made and made to order artwork. Up to 8 weeks may pass before fulfilment and delivery. All sales of artwork are final.

    Rugs – Usually arrive 3 to 4 weeks after your purchase is placed.

    Lighting – Deliveries take two to three weeks after the date of your order.

    Oversized or Fragile deliveries – Deliveries that are too big or too fragile are handled by a delivery service. The majority of items ship within 3–4 weeks of receiving an order, and unless otherwise noted on the product page, bespoke items typically ship within 8–10 weeks. It usually takes 7 to 10 business days for transit.

    Their return policy?

    Wondering if your new piece will fit in your room? Thankfully, we discovered that the company provides two options for returning goods…

    Through your selected carrier. Or, using the online returns site, which will provide a return label.

    Refunds, minus shipping and handling, will be issued to the original mode of payment, and customers are responsible for the expenses of return shipment. You will be alerted via email after a refund has been made, and it should show up in your account within 5-7 business days. The company requests that you get in touch with them within 48 hours if your item comes broken so they may make a claim and include it in your delivery records.

    The claims procedure for broken furniture, artwork, lights, carpets, and mirrors typically takes two to three weeks to complete before a replacement is given. Furniture returned due to complaints other than damage or defects will get store credit, less the original handling cost as well as a 15% restocking fee.

    Contacting them?

    You can contact their team through…

    Phone – (801) 505-9984

    Email –