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I can only claim I’ve worn a select few brands for more than ten years, but Madewell is unquestionably one of them. The Brand offers some of the greatest specialty essentials available. Its jeans rival designer brands, while being far less expensive.

Since it’s safe to presume that the products that are a brand’s top sellers are tried and proven and thus excellent, I’m always curious about what they are. But I decided that the best way to demonstrate this was to use them myself, so I did. Even while Madewell offers excellent models, including plus size ones. It might be difficult to predict how something will seem in person when you’re just 5’7″. So, from the ideal white T-shirt to the Madewell customers’ go-to trousers, I selected eight essentials that have become bestsellers to try on in the comfort of my own home.

The Perfect Vintage Jean in Maplewood Wash

I love Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Jeans and was eager to test them in this well-liked wash. They seem to be a pair you’ll be able to wear for years to come, and the good quality of the denim means they’re made to endure, in my opinion. They appear to be extremely clean and classic. They are stretchy enough for me to work from home in them, but they aren’t nearly as flexible as the thin jeans I tested. If you want a traditional pair of jeans that are halfway between slim and straight-leg, I strongly suggest.

Broadway Cardigan Sweater

As soon as I saw this sweater, I knew I wanted to attempt it since I’m a sucker for a slouchy cardigan with gorgeous buttons. I now have a new favorite spring sweater, according to the results. I appreciate a sweater’s boxy, somewhat cropped form since it’s pleasant and lightweight but not thin. In order to attain the stylish slightly larger fit of the models’ cardigans, I tried an XS but would definitely like it in S.

Northside Vintage Tee

First off, I can’t really complain about a $16 T-shirt, but I would still support the band even if I had no idea how much it cost. Since it is the ideal weight for upcoming warm days and will work well as a layering item, this T-shirt surely deserves a spot in my closet. Normally, I like T-shirts that are on the thicker side. Although it isn’t very baggy, it is also not too tight (I’m wearing a size S, for comparison). If you love it, I’d suggest purchasing it in White first before deciding on further colors.

High-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans

I’m not sure whether they seem very comfy, but I can assure you that they are very much so. Even though the denim is soft, it still holds everything in. I really like the length because it is the perfect length for my 5’7″ height.

Caldwell Double-Breasted Blazer

I adore a beautiful double-breasted jacket, especially in the spring when we can ditch our bulky coats but the weather is still too chilly to show our arms. It’s also one of the few items you can sling over nearly anything and appear 100 times sexier in an instant. I choose this blazer because it had what I thought was a stylish large fit, was made of breathable linen, and could be washed in the machine. In reality, the fit was excellent; it was the ideal length and just loose enough to put a light long-sleeve shirt underneath. It appears to be something you might have purchased for much more than $158. Although linen does tend to wrinkle a little, this is to be anticipated.

The Perfect Vintage Military Shorts

I cherish shorts. I have and always will. I’m searching for something different because I have a lot of denim cut-offs in my closet. These are a perfect fit. I really enjoyed the content, and they are a wonderful length. They retain their form nicely while being elastic because of the material’s durability. The tan color will undoubtedly join the other colors in my closet.

The Perfect Vintage Jean in Ainsworth Wash

These jeans were the most laid-back of the three I tested, thanks to the light wash and frayed hem. However, they are a bit on the stiffer side. I had to dance a little to get them on, but after wearing them for a while, they started to relax up to the right fit. I don’t mind stiff jeans since I enjoy the way they look, but just be aware that these are. But I suggest going up in this pair if you like a slouchier fit. I got a size 28 Overall, I like the 90s vibe of these, and come spring I believe they’d look fantastic with sneakers or sandals.

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