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Litter-Robot seems to be a favorite among pet owners. The nifty invention has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed, and CNN.

Formally known as AutoPets, the Litter-Robot made its first-ever debut in the animal product industry. Baxter’s lightbulb idea quickly turned into a giant warehouse facility based in Wisconsin. With their headquarters located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, that pet-forward company continues to serve over 600k customers globally.


  • Offers a self-cleaning litter box that requires no scooping or hassle
  • The Litter-Robot is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Prevents certain messes like spill overs or lingering pawprints
  • Provides other products such as an automatic feeder and ladders
  • Offers Affirm as an alternative payment option


  • Pricier compared to the traditional litter box
  • Most products are directed at cats only

For those who grimace at the thought of scooping poop, the Litter-Robot 3 features a self-cleaning mode. Built with a self-adjusting weight sensor, a drop-down drawer, and a cycle timer, this nifty gadget saves both litter usage and clean-up time.

By far, the best part about this invention is that it reduces certain odours. This is all thanks to its carbon-filtered drawer on the bottom. Big enough to hold 3 to 4 cats at a time

Built with Wi-Fi connectivity, the 3 Connect Litter-Robot allows pet owners to view the machine’s performance throughout the day. Paired with their mobile app, customers can see the waste drawer levels and usage history.

Not only does this take out the guesswork in cleaning out the bottom drawer, but it can act as a great indicator of your cat’s overall health.

Like all models, this Litter-Robot 3 open air automatic self-cleaning litter box comes with a mechanical waste separator. It filters out the turds, but it can also reduce foul odours from spreading.

If you can’t afford their newer models, the 3 Connect – Reconditioned Litter-Robot offers the same experience at a lower price. While it has been used before, there’s no need to worry, as this machine is manufacturer-approved. It comes with WI-FI connectivity, cat sensor technology, and an automatic waste separator. All there’s left to do is to download their mobile app.

When it comes to monitoring your cat’s litter use, there’s no need to second guess on when to take out the tray. Compared to its new models, this Litter-Robot refurbished gadget comes at a reasonable price.

Considered the brand’s older model, the Litter-Robot 2 offers a few classic features. For instance, it features the same waste separator, which filters the paper or wood shavings from the poop. Designed in a bubble shape with a lip extender for easy access, this gadget acts as the ideal product for small to medium-sized felines. As an added note, it also contains a small back window to let in the light. This Litter-Robot open air model is intended to be eco-friendly and long-lasting, as it can help reduce the amount of material wasted.

For those who spent most of their savings on cat toys, kibble, and miniature clothing, the 2 Reconditioned Litter-Robot comes at a solid bargain. Offered at a lower price, this older model provides the same traditional features such as the poop separator and the lip extender. With its bubble shape, it kind of looks like an astronaut helmet—but intended for kitten explorers only. Made to filter out odours and reduce mess, your future self will thank you for preventing poopy butt smears from staining the carpet.

Presented in a futuristic-looking oval shape, the 2 Bubble Litter-Robot is no different from its previous model. If you hate the ol’ scooping method, this invention does all the heavy lifting, thanks to its waste separator and bottom drawer. It’s also built with a lip extender and a back window for light filtration. When it comes to weight, this model can hold a max of 5 lbs.

Made to accompany the bottom tray for your Litter-Robot, the Waste Drawer Liners can help make the cleaning process ten times easier. Collect 9 to 11 gallons of debris with this ‘hefty bag’ that ensures no rips and seepage.

The Waste Drawer Liners are offered in a roll and available in three different sizes. We’ll provide their options in point form for pet owners to compare. It’s worth noting that you can sign up for a subscription plan to have these Litter-Robot bags delivered periodically.

Customer Experiences

What a life change!

“I love my litter robot. It arrived a month ago and we had a small problem with the plug because we ordered from Ireland (EU) but in Ireland we use the UK plug. I spoke with customer service thru Instagram and they sent the right plug super-fast.

Regarding my cats, it took time for my old lady to get used to it but my young cat was using it since the second I put sand on it. It is very clean and really does the job. We didn’t know if it was good idea to spend so much money in a cat litter but it worth every cent! Absolutely happy with the product and with their customer service.

We are thinking now to get the stairs for my old lady as she will need them soon due to her age.”

Got mine yesterday

“Got mine yesterday. Wow. Big price but a great thought-out machine. I have 4 cats and litter tray is almost full. I am still transfixed at the cycle”

Love this litter box just wish litter…

“Love this litter box just wish litter holding box underneath was larger. With my two big cats I have to change bag every two days. If u have this box u would never think twice about being owned by a feline! Thank u Litter Robot for making life with my cats so much easier. By the way total litter change and cleaning inside of box couldn’t be easier.”

The Final Word

By opting for this upgraded machine, pet owners are saved from one chore—as the Litter-Robot is designed to filter out debris while masking its unwanted scent. There’s no need to double-check your kitty’s waste bin, as their nifty mobile app will relay all the information you need to know. With that being said, this apparatus is quite expensive compared to the traditional litter box. But it can help save time while reducing the amount of material you use. For an eco-friendly option that’s both beneficial for pet owners and felines alike, this Litter-Robot review encourages you to check them out.