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New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off Your First Purchase

New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off Your First Purchase
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    Get $15 Off On Your Order Sitewide

    Get $15 Off On Your Order Sitewide
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    Subscribe & Save $10 Off On Each Bag Order

    Subscribe & Save $10 Off On Each Bag Order
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    Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95

    Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95

    Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95
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  • Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava

    Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava

    Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava
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    Get Free Shipping When You Order 2+ Bags

    Get Free Shipping When You Order 2+ Bags
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    Get 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee Offer

    Get 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee Offer
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    Signup & Enter For The Chance To Win 5 Free Bags

    Signup & Enter For The Chance To Win 5 Free Bags
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  • Getting a substantial meal isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. When I have the time, I prefer making healthful cuisine, but during the workweek, I’m a member of the cracker and coffee club. Do you know how much food is in there? Almost none.

    Despite the fact that I’ve gone through far too many sweet meal bars and watery, tasteless shakes that don’t cut it, I’m always on the lookout for something easy and healthful. That’s why Ka’Chava piqued my interest.

    It is a meal replacement drink that contains protein, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, and the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. It’s clear that it packs a powerful blow.

    It might be difficult to eat three healthy meals a day in today’s fast-paced environment, thus irregular eating is extremely prevalent. Obesity and metabolic syndrome, according to one research, are connected to unpredictable eating. A meal replacement smoothie, such as Ka’Chava, is a simple remedy for irregular eating.

    What sets it apart from other shakes on the market? With a deliciously creamy texture and rich flavors, this vegan and gluten-free meal replacement supports the environment. That appeals to me as well.

    According to Ka’Chava, their distinctive powder is the “healthiest meal shake in the world.” It has received a lot of attention since it tastes great and works well, with mentions in The Daily Beast, The Beet, Forbes, and Business Wire, as well as a 300,000+ social following.

    What will be covered in this Ka’Chava review? I’ll take you through a thorough examination of the firm, its services, and subscription, as well as user feedback, special deals, and other details. Let us begin because there is so much to learn.

    The Story behind Ka’Chava

    Being gorgeous is one thing, but according to Ka’Chava’s founder, health is about much more than beauty. Yes, when we feel well, our bodies convey it, but we may also project “health” by being slim, having clean skin, and so on while really being badly malnourished.

    This is one of my personal goals, which I’ve been working on for the past 8 years, therefore it resonates with me. Simon Malone launched the company in 2014 with the goal of assisting people in living “in peace with the earth.”

    Malone was well aware of the difficulties in eating healthy and getting a balanced diet from a range of plant-based sources. Ka’Chava was created to help with this objective and to assist bodies in acquiring what they need to perform at their best.

    Because the brand was “inspired by ancient wisdom,” it includes some of the same superfoods used in ancient Aztec times, such as the Sacha Inchi seed. According to one study, defatted Sacha Inchi seeds are “a major source of protein,” and their antioxidant properties are an excellent way to avoid disease.

    What else does the tribal superfood supplement Ka’Chava contain? According to the company’s website, it only uses the best components. The corporation is transparent about how, where, and why its products are made, and there is a plethora of information available online.

    Before I go into the intricacies of this Ka’Chava review, let me give you a quick synopsis of the highlights…

    1. Transparent brand.
    2. Natural ingredients.
    3. Money-back guarantee.
    4. Vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.
    5. They provide a complete source of nutrition.
    How Does It Actually Work?

    The inventors of Ka’Chava reasoned that customers would love the flavor and sensations of the nutrient-rich meal replacement, so they created a subscription service that sends two bags (30-day supply) to your home each month.

    If a monthly delivery isn’t your thing, you may have your item delivered every 15, 45, or 60 days, according to online material. You want to try Ka’Chava without committing to a membership. You may do the same thing; simply select “ONE-TIME” on the product page.

    You may save $10 each bag when you subscribe, but whether you choose auto-renewal or not, you will always receive free delivery when you purchase two bags. I like how this firm provides perks regardless of how you purchase.

    If you’re on the fence about whether or not to subscribe, don’t worry about the commitment. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you can also stop or skip a shipment if you need to take a break. I appreciate companies who are adaptable like this.

    Ka’Chava will send you an email reminder every month before your order ships. If you decide that this month isn’t the ideal one for you, just go into your account and halt or delay your shipment.

    In addition to three modern wonders like matcha, coconut acai, and chai, the all-in-one Ka’Chava protein powder comes in two tried-and-true flavors: vanilla and chocolate. Not sure which one to pick? I recommend going with your gut instinct; you may always alter your mind afterwards. Chocolate, on the other hand, is highly recommended.

    In the next section of this review, I’ll go over the components of this strong powder in further detail. It includes far more than just protein!

    The flavor selection at Ka’Chava is extensive. While coconut acai has a unique flavor, matcha and chai offer exotic curiosity. Classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, on the other hand, are unmatched.

    Because of my chocolate obsession, I’ve realized that chocolate protein powder never disappoints. Because they all combine well with other meals, such as strawberry vanilla milkshake or cherry chocolate ice cream, any of them would make fantastic complements to smoothies, bowls, and healthy ice creams. Of course, drinking Ka’Chava by itself produces a creamy, frothy beverage when blended with cold water. You may wonder how. The dietary supplement is made with powdered coconut milk.

    I’ve seen this ingredient transform quick lattes into wonderful, frothy beauties when combined with Ka’Chava. If you’ve ever enjoyed the smooth, hefty beverage on its own, you know how naturally creamy it can be. Each powder not only has a great texture, but it also contains over 70 superfoods and minerals that will make you feel more alive. Organic coconut blossom nectar and camu camu berries are two noteworthy ingredients. Isn’t that strange?

    Coconut nectar is just liquid coconut sugar. It is a natural sweetener that has somewhat less sucrose than processed white sugars, but it is not a superfood like avocado. Camu camu berries, on the other hand, have been shown in studies to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study of 20 male smokers, a daily intake of camu camu juice significantly lowered oxidative stress markers. Oxidative stress harms cells and tissues in the body.

    Along with these two main players, the meal replacement contains adaptogens, which are compounds that regulate how the body reacts to stress. Two key adaptogens in the Ka’Chava meal replacement are organic maca root and organic reishi mushroom. A reishi mushroom study discovered that it lowers blood fat levels and boosts the body’s antioxidant capacity. Post-menopausal and menopausal women are also fans of maca root. According to another study, maca pills can successfully balance hormone levels.

    I appreciate that Ka’Chava made an informed decision and offered a variety of well-researched meals, with each component supported by research.

    Although the 240 calories in Ka’Chava meal replacement may not appear to be a lot for a meal, the 25 grams of protein and 7 grams of fat may be quite satisfying. According to some people, it’s rather filling.

    Can Ka'Chava Help You In Losing Weight?

    The short answer is yes. Many individuals substitute a Ka’Chava shake for one of their meals. Because it is low in calories yet incredibly filling, it burns less calories while supplying your body with the sustenance it requires.

    Despite not being specifically developed for weight loss, some believe that the Ka’Chava weight loss shake assists in the process. That’s the short story, however I’ve noticed that any weight loss may also be connected to the probiotics and digestive enzymes in the formula. The two may aid in vitamin and mineral absorption, food digestion, and ensuring that everything passes through the elimination process without a hitch.

    It’s Protein Contents?

    I was relieved to learn that Ka’Chava is a completely vegan supplement with no traces of whey or egg protein. Instead, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, Sacha Inchi seed, and yellow split pea protein are combined.

    These protein-rich meals also contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals that promote satiety and muscle growth. Concerned about the effectiveness of plant-based protein powders verses animal-based protein powders? According to one study, they are both equally effective in increasing lean muscle mass.

    How Long Does the Ka’Chava Usually Last?

    Each bag of Ka’Chava has 15 servings. I saw that the firm recommended using a big scoop rather than a level one. If you don’t consume it within 15 days after opening it, it’s best to use a bag within a month. If not opened, Ka’Chava has a 12-month shelf life.

    Can Ka'Chava Be Perfect For You?

    Ka’Chava is a meal replacement product, but it may also be used as a muscle-building supplement or as a simple snack. Reviews I’ve heard that taking the formula instead of one meal a day can help individuals lose weight, but I’ve also seen it used as a pre-workout drink can help bodybuilders gain weight. Everything is up to you. Ka’Chava is safe for children, but as with any vitamin or supplement, you should discuss the component list with your child’s doctor before giving them a sample.


    Ka’Chava offers two pricing options: $70 per bag for one-time purchases and $60 per bag for subscribers.

    Customer Reviews

    It is critical to learn whether a product is successful before spending money, especially online. Even though I’ve read about all of the benefits that this company’s protein powder may provide, I can’t help but be intrigued about how it truly works.

    If you agree with me, you’re in luck since this portion of my Ka’Chava review contains the results of my search for intelligent customer comments. Based on the brand’s website, which has 20,184 customer evaluations with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, I already get the feeling that this all-in-one supplement is exceptional.

    Before I explain what people have to say, have a look at the ratings below…

    • 5 stars – 87%
    • 4 stars – 7%
    • 3 stars – 3%
    • 2 stars – 1%
    • 1 star – 2%

    Looking over the comments, I came across a Ka’Chava comment that said, “This is a wonderful product…great tasting and I always feel good after drinking a shake. Ka’Chava makes me ready to take on my day. Hard to believe a product loaded with all these great nutrients can taste this good.”

    The majority of customers say they like the flavors, but I’ve discovered that they favor the chocolate variety. Given the amount of vitamins and minerals in the smoothie, I don’t think it’s all that amazing. Generally, chocolate does a fantastic job of masking earthy overtones.

    Concerning the flaws, numerous consumers who awarded the powder one star couldn’t get over certain flavors. Furthermore, numerous critics claimed that the product failed to meet its goal as a meal replacement, noting, “I get hungry again in two hours”.

    Although I will not dismiss it, hunger is determined by your degree of activity and physiological needs. If your metabolism is faster, Ka’Chava may not keep you satiated for as long, although many individuals who lead busy lifestyles have told me it does.

    Going to Amazon, it appears that Ka’Chava is only available through resellers, however the Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake has 4,200 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Look at the ratings below…

    • 5 stars – 72%
    • 4 stars – 13%
    • 3 stars – 8%
    • 2 stars – 3%
    • 1 star – 4%

    The feedback is quite similar to what is found on the brand’s website, which indicates that they may be trusted. But what about the powder piqued the customers’ interest? Many people say it helped their digestion and urine, gave them more energy, and they like the taste.

    According to one review, Ka’Chava’s mixability is a “8/10,” and using a blender is recommended. It was useful to gain that information because I’m not a huge fan of drinking unmixed clumps of protein powder. However, the supplement’s biggest disadvantage was its high price. Even though they like the flavor and feelings, it was a deal breaker for many others. When you subscribe, each dish becomes $4, saving you $10. That’s actually very decent for a meal replacement.

    Ka’Chava is categorized as Tribal Nutrition on the Better Business Bureau and has a C rating with a total of 2 complaints. Why is there such a low rating when there are so few complaints? because one of those complaints went ignored. I realize it’s harsh. However, all clients should be handled with dignity.

    Conclusion – Ka’Chava chocolate powder looks to be popular among customers. Customers enjoy the supplement’s components as well as how it makes them feel. Is the powder efficient? It appears that it most emphatically is…

    How to Register for Ka’Chava?

    If Ka’Chava appeals to you, you’re probably ready to sign up. I’m happy to report that the technique is quite straightforward; all you have to do is follow the instructions below…

    1. Head to KaChava.com.
    2. Click ‘shop’ in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
    3. Choose how many bags you’d like in each flavor by using the plus and minus buttons.
    4. Select your subscription frequency.
    5. Click ‘Continue to Checkout’.
    6. Enter your email, shipping & billing information.
    7. Hit ‘Confirm’.
    How to Drink Ka’Chava?

    Ka’Chava meal replacement powder, like any other protein powder, can be used as a meal replacement. It combines better with ice-cold water than with warm water, I noticed. Blend or mix 2 heaping scoops of powder and 12-14 ounces of water.

    The powder may be used to make smoothies, baked goods, and even raw protein balls. For some inspiration, go to the Ka’Chava recipes area of the company’s website.

    Is The Ka'Chava Safe To Drink All Day?

    It’s worth noting in this review that the firm recommends utilizing their meal replacement powder only once per day. You may get away with it twice, but it is not a substitute for a well-balanced diet of complete foods.

    What to Do If You Want To End Your Subscription

    The benefit of a Ka’Chava membership is that it may be changed or cancelled at any moment. Following the steps outlined below will allow you to cancel at any moment…

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click on ‘Edit’ under the subscription you’d like to cancel.
    3. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’.
    4. Let them know why.
    5. Hit ‘No thanks, I still want to cancel my subscription’.

    You can always stop or skip a shipment if you’re not sure if you want to split ways with Ka’Chava.

    Their Shipping Policy

    I won’t go into too much depth in this Ka’Chava review because we’ve already covered a lot of ground. In addition to shipping to all 50 states, the firm also distributes to…

    American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and the Northern Mariana Islands are all part of the United States.

    They provide three shipping choices…

    • Standard – 4 to 7 business days.
    • Priority – 2 to 3 business days.
    • Next-Day – 1 business day.

    Orders are processed in around two working days. And if you buy two or more bags, shipping is free.

    Their Return Policy

    You have 30 days to try Ka’Chava. If you decide you don’t like the powder after that period, let them know and they’ll give you a full refund, including delivery, for the one bag of each flavor you purchased. However, if you bought two of the same flavor, they will only return one.

    To begin a return, call or contact their customer service department, and they will tell you where to send it. Drop off your unwanted item, wrapped, at the nearest postal outlet.

    Final Verdict

    Let’s start with the obvious “elephant in the room,” the price. I entirely understand if $120 is out of your budget each month. The $4 per dish price isn’t unreasonable; it’s just frightening to pay everything all at once.

    Spending $2-$6 on coffee every day may appear more logical, but it is not. In fact, you could completely abandon your morning cappuccino in favor of Ka’Chava. Even better, steep some cold brew and blend it with some chocolate for an extravagantly delicious coffee-chocolate combo. I’d say this meal replacement is well worth the money because it has adaptogens, probiotics, digestive enzymes, protein powder, superfoods, antioxidants, omegas, and fiber, which is worth at least $160 in individual supplements. Furthermore, all of these nutrients have been mixed into a tasty meal replacement powder, saving you money on everyday breakfast and lunch expenditures. Do I think it’s worthwhile? Yes, but only if it fits inside your budget.

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