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The luxurious furniture, accessories, and lighting from Horchow seamlessly combine comfort and style. With fan favourites like Haute House, Kate Spade, and Jonathan Adler stocked in its virtual showroom, it’s not surprising that the company has 300k+ followers on both Instagram and Facebook. With a premium brand this large, owned by Neiman Marcus, it is easy to attract attention. It’s not difficult to locate features in reputable journals like the New York Post, Forbes, and Homes & Gardens.

Can this collection serve as your one-stop shop for home remodeling needs? We’re here to assist you in responding to it. Before presenting you to the company’s most well-known furniture and décor, we’ll go into great detail about its history in the parts that follow. To give you the entire story, we’ll also include customer reviews, special offers, and more.

About Horchow

Horchow’s past is fascinating. Before founding his own company in 1973, San Francisco-based businessman Roger Horchow worked for Neiman Marcus. Roger’s concept merged the ease of mail-order purchasing with the opulence often seen only in upscale department stores.

In order to finance his Broadway play, Roger sold his name-brand company to a department store in 1988, and he hasn’t looked back since. In 1992, “Crazy For You” went on to receive four Tony Awards. The retail behemoth maintained the rigorous warehouse-to-customer methodology, making it the ideal complement to the Neiman Marcus family. Online shopping replaced postal orders over time, but the brand’s sharp sense of design has endured.

Horchow’s focus now is on giving you a comfortable shopping experience that also makes you happy when your purchases come. Its carefully chosen selection is full of items that make a place feel like home and is sure to inspire you to create the “shelter” you’ve always wanted in your house.

Going forward? We’ll go over a few highlights first before diving straight into its endearing collection.


  1. High-end, designer goods.
  2. Some goods are free to ship.
  3. Upon request can ship worldwide
  4. Provides a variety of high-end brands.
  5. Holds regular deals and special offers.
  6. Numerous options for furniture, accessories, bedding, and lighting.


Visit the company’s website whenever you need some design ideas. Click over to the Inspiration page to browse for whole-room decor trends with a staggering array of modern furniture, chandeliers, décor, and carpets.

You’ll learn about a selection of Horchow’s furniture, bedding, and lighting to give your house a more upscale charm in the next section of this review. Numerous premium businesses created the items, and many of them ship at no additional cost.

Horchow Bedding

You won’t ever want to shut the door to your bed anymore thanks to Horchow bedding. Their collection features high-end designers like Sferra, Michael Aram, and Ralph Lauren and was created to be seen, appreciated, and cuddled in.

You may read all about the top-selling fashions just below. A combination of calming and lively colours that are perfect for the next season are provided.

Horchow Remy Floral King Comforter

With the Remy Floral King Comforter, your bedroom will be more colourful. It is a part of Ralph Lauren’s home line and has elements of crimson, blue, and gold that give it a sense of contemporary elegance. This cotton comforter, which is exclusively offered in king sizes, has a lovely floral design that adds life to the bedroom. It combines earthy tones with blooming bursts of colour and is inspired by rural estates seen throughout England.

You can purchase it right now for $301 as part of the Spring For Something New promotion. It usually costs $430. The matching shams are an additional $145.

Horchow Mayleen King Duvet

All comforters need to make you feel at ease, and Legacy’s Marlene King Duvet certainly does that. This duvet cover features an off-white whirling flower pattern and a cooling blue and grey colour palette across an antique-looking design.

It’s composed of cotton and should only be dry cleaned, making it the perfect choice for a spring refresher in the warmer seasons. King size versions of this exquisite Peruvian creation cost $760. For $210–240, don’t forget the matching shams.

Horchow Furniture

There is a significant furniture collection at Horchow. You’ll find furniture from well-known designers like Miranda Kerr Home and Interlude that is piled high with stylish bedroom, living room, and dining area items. The bestsellers from Sarita and Butler that give the modern house an opulent and exquisite touch are what we’ll discuss next.

Sarita Mirrored Console

Mirrors have the charming capacity to enlarge any area. Place one in your space, and it expands magically. Similar reasoning may be seen in the Sarita Mirrored Console. It naturally brings life to dark spaces because to its mirrored top and legs. This Haute House masterpiece, made of solid birch wood and finished with an antique hand-painted silver-leaf pattern, dazzles in parlours, foyers, and party spaces with ease. It weighs 76 lbs. and is 60′′ x 12′′ x 34′′ in size.

The Sarita Mirrored Console is currently on sale for $899, down from its regular price of $1,199.

Butler Amelle Cream Raffia 4-Drawer Accent Chest

The Butler Amelle Cream Raffia 4-Drawer Accent Chest brightens any room with its delicate, natural tone. It provides the ideal counterpoint to dark furnishings, giving your favourite space a light feel. Four felt-lined drawers with rounded, silver-finished knobs are included with this chest, and they all fit together to produce a lovely appearance. The chest itself is constructed from plywood and wood composite. It is 70 lbs. heavy.

For $1,394, purchase the Raffia 4-Drawer Accent Chest during the spring sale. Normally, it costs $1,859.

Horchow Lighting

The Horchow lighting and chandelier range will wow you. If making a statement is what you’re after, the range is full of pieces that display the old-world charm with luxurious metals and magnificent gems.

The brand’s two top sellers, which blend in well with the rest of the lineup, are up next.

Horchow Alistar 10-Light Chandelier

The Alistar 10-Light Chandelier is a stunning addition to any dining room or foyer. This sophisticated and sparkling chandelier, created by Crystorama, is constructed of steel that has been given a black coating and has u-shaped crystals suspended from its base.

Each crystal catches the light and sways slightly, diffusing it to create an amazing show. This impressive painting, which measures 30″ x 28,” adds appeal to uncomplicated indoor areas. It is now on sale for $2,055; the regular price is $2,740.

Horchow Atlas Table Lamp

The Atlas Table Lamp is a stunning addition to the contemporary living space and is created from crystal for an incredibly striking appearance. This sculpture, which measures 10″ x 20,” catches the light in precisely the right way, producing a rainbow of reflections inside its angles. The lamp is finished in gold, and an off-white shade adds drama.

Your life will be made easier with the Atlas Table Lamp, which just requires a single 60-watt bulb and comes with a 10 feet wire. This chic lamp will illuminate your home for $221.

Who Is Horchow Targeted For?

Horchow, a division of the upscale department store Neiman Marcus, caters to individuals who adore the style of affluent life while also having a fantastic clearance area.

High-end brands come with high-end price tags, but if you’d want to avoid paying full price, you may find many of them during its ongoing deals. To find out what’s presently available, look at the Promotions & Discounts section of this Horchow review.

Customer Reviews

Every Horchow review needs feedback, and you’ll find a ton of it in this area. In order to learn more about this upscale online business, we searched the web for insightful reviews and ratings.

We started off at Houzz.com. There is no disputing that consumers adore the products offered by this firm, and they praise timely shipment and attractive items. One review of Horchow stated…

“I love the tufted white leather swivel high back office chairs with empire arms! I use them in my dining room, comfortable and a knock-out…It took a while to get here, but arrived beautifully packaged. Horchow always over wraps! I can’t find their quality anywhere else, I wait for sales, then pounce. Never been disappointed.”


Although the brand makes it clear online, shipping Horchow furniture might take some time. When buying, it’s crucial to bear in mind that certain items, like the Raffia 4-Drawer Accent Chest, might take up to 41 business days to arrive. We appreciate how open and honest Horchow is regarding how long it takes to transport furniture. Smaller products leave the warehouse in 5-7 business days.

The comment after this one is from US-Reviews.com. Horchow received a 7.6/10 rating from 2 customers who gave their opinions in the following categories:

Service – 9/10

Ordering – 9/10

Delivery – 6/10

Pricing – 6/10


Because Horchow is a luxury brand, you won’t find inexpensive furniture here unless it’s on sale. One first-time customer spoke about the high quality and wide selection of goods available…

“All products are great by make and colors, also got a discount being a first time buyer. This kind of shop can addict customers to shop at least three to four times in a month. A huge store.”




Our final Yelp review of Horchow discusses the experience of ordering and receiving food online. It states…

“I don’t know if I got lucky because of someone else’s mistake, but I bought a Royal Albert tea set, on sale for $37.00 on Horchow (my first purchase). This set is approximately 3x that on Macy’s, Way fair, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. Not only was it cheap, it shipped the next day and arrived a couple of days after that with FedEx.”


Horchow has some incredible offers, you just have to keep checking back, as one Yelp user noted, adding that they wait until they see the best deal. If you don’t want to buy designer clothing at full price, the company frequently gives discounts, so you’re in luck.

Receiving broken goods was the most common customer complaint across all the sources we looked at for this Horchow review, but it seems like that isn’t a problem for everyone who orders with the company.

Are They Legit?

The unpredictability of internet buying is its most difficult aspect, throughout our search for customer reviews, we came across some unfavourable remarks concerning problems with returns and broken goods. This is a genuine business because customers receive their purchases, however the return process is problematic. Horchow had no issues with those who didn’t need to return their products.

We checked with the Better Business Bureau to see what was going on and discovered an A+ rating because the company had addressed or fixed all 23 of the documented problems. That assures us that this business will put things right if problems do occur and need to be escalated.

Are They Worth Your Time?

Horchow’s unique quality that we adore is, its exquisite choice of furnishings. The second is that it is open and honest about everything, including the costs and delivery schedules. Making your choice there means you don’t need to wait until you reach the cash register. As fans of high-end designers as well as of low costs, we appreciate Horchow’s free shipping on many goods and its year-round discounts. Horchow delivers in both selection and quality.

California Prop 65 warnings are placed on some products to inform consumers that they contain substances that the state of California considers to be detrimental to reproductive health. To stay informed about in-stock products and shipment time periods, keep this information in mind as you buy and always remember to read the small print.


Special Offers & Discounts

Even people who can afford not to budget are aware of the importance of cutting costs. Without examining the specials the company offers, this review would fall short of being thorough. Here is what we learned:

Brand-new members get 20% off.

30% off the current sale, spring for something new!

For many goods, shipping and returns are free.

In feedback, users claim that this company constantly has an offer running. It’s fantastic news for those of us who want to save.


Horchow's owner?

Roger Horchow created Horchow back in 1973. He started a high-end mail-order catalogue and then sold it to retail behemoth Neiman Marcus to raise money for his Broadway musical “Crazy For You”. It ultimately took home four Tony Awards, including Horchow and Williams for Best Musical, Best Choreography, and Best Costume Design.

Their return policy?

You have the option to return any item from your Horchow order at any time. However, there are several rules about filing a return. They are all listed below…

  1. The procedure can be started within 30 days.
  2. All products must be brand-new and unused.
  3. Orders with custom or monograms are considered final sales.
  4. Certain products are eligible for free return delivery.


The steps to make a return are as follows…

  1. Go to the Returns Portal on the Internet.
  2. Add your order number and finish the process.
  3. Be sure to wrap your products safely.
  4. Decide on prepaid and insured shipment.

The Sales Division, 123 Customer Way, Irving, TX 75039, is the address for all returns. Please allow 10 to 14 business days for the processing of your refund.

Their shipping policy?

Horchow provides three distinct shipping options and ships to all 50 states. All of them are shown here, along with price ranges that change depending on the size of your order. Both furniture and carpets have varied shipping durations and prices. Consult the product page for the item you want to purchase to locate those.

Standard – 5 to 7 business days for $8 – $150.

2-Day – two (2) working days for $18 – $160.

Overnight – one working day for $25 – $167.

Add $5 for deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii. Remember that your order can ship at various times if you simultaneously ordered more than one item. You’ll get a confirmation email with a tracking link once your product does ship.

Do they ship internationally?

Yes. However, not via their website. You must dial 1(972)556-6076 to place an international order and provide the necessary information over the phone.

Their Contact info?

You can get in touch with the brand, in the following ways…

Call – 1(877)944-9888

Text – (972)476-8524

Email – customercarehorchow@neimanmarcus.com