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About ASOS

ASOS is an online retailer of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories that ships to more than 190 nations. Over 850 different brands are carried by this UK firm. Some of these companies, like Nike, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger, are tremendously widely recognized. Asos only owns a few of its own house labels, such as ASOS DESIGN, ASOS 4505, and ASOS LUXE.

Although they are more well-known for their apparel, ASOS also sells a variety of in-demand goods. In addition, it sells a variety of cosmetics, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. But you won’t be visiting them to see their choices any time soon. In the same way that Shein or Vencano are e-commerce sites that only function online, so are they. But due to being online, they may continue to offer a wide range and extensive reach. However, when a company’s only physical location is online, many individuals question its reliability.

Are They Genuine?

ASOS has a sizable online presence and offers a wide selection of items on its website, many of which are from reputed manufacturers. It’s safe though, is ASOS a genuine source for inexpensive clothing, or is it just another con that aims to con you out of your money?

You’ll undoubtedly go through a lot of shady websites while looking for some great fashion discounts online. And without conducting a little online research, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a good deal and a scam. Suspiciously cheap prices and the absence of a physical store are big warning signs for any new business. However, not all inexpensive stores are shams. One such shop that often leaves consumers perplexed is ASOS.

Are They A Scam?

It may seem a bit suspicious when you find a single online platform offering such a diverse range of companies. But don’t worry, ASOS is a reliable website that completes orders. No need to be concerned that ASOS is a phishing scam or selling your information.

Regarding the things they sell, ASOS looks dependable. Customers can also feel secure knowing that these name-brand items are authentic. On its website, ASOS expressly responds to concerns about fraud by declaring that they only stock “genuine and original” goods that have been purchased from the businesses they carry.

With these well-known brands, you always know what you’re getting. However, some individuals have reservations about their in-house brands. As of this writing, there are no real stores that sell ASOS-branded clothes, therefore you cannot try it on before placing an order.

Additionally, their clothing tends to be a little less expensive than the other name labels the store carries. With these products, some consumers have reported having mixed results.

How Are They So Cheap?

Overall, a lot of the items ASOS sells are not very affordable. Their collaborations with brands that are reasonably pricey predominate.

However, even among their own brands, their price range varies greatly. Why do certain goods cost so much less than others? They don’t make all of their items equally, after all. Cheaper goods are probably created using inferior materials or originate from manufacturers in nations where production is less expensive.

ASOS is highly open about the sources of their goods. On their website, they explicitly expose their supplier chain, including the most recent update date. They have factories spread across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. They have many plants in Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK, while the majority of their production locations are in China, India, and Turkey.

Are They Ethical?

Buying at ASOS is likely better than some other online shops, even though it probably isn’t as environmentally friendly as shopping at your neighborhood fair-trade store or slow fashion clothes websites. Although ASOS is open with its factories, it has come under fire for the circumstances in its warehouses.

As stated by the GMB Secretary, the circumstances at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak were “scarcely conceivable.” This information was obtained by the Guardian. The local council in Barnsley, UK, stated they observed no indication of a lack of compliance with social distancing measures, although ASOS denied the aforementioned assertion in the same article. ASOS publicly states its opinions on several other ethical issues.

All of their cosmetics adhere to a stringent “no-animal testing” policy. Additionally, they announced publicly that they will take action in the interest of sustainability. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the use of more environmentally friendly materials are only two notable adjustments implemented by ASOS.

Should You Shop at ASOS?

ASOS is a reputable firm with a long history of happy customers and reliable operations. If you go into the encounter with reasonable expectations for the things you buy, they give a terrific shopping experience. They are becoming more inexpensive and ethical by taking initiatives to become more sustainable.

It’s up to you to choose which shops to shop at; the site is reputable. ASOS makes an attempt to establish a brand that people can appreciate, as seen by its partnerships with reputable companies and its strong social media presence.

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